AJ Wears :: A Patterned Dress

Patterns are tricky beasts, man. I have no idea why someone would make a dress where the pattern seemed to expand from the middle out, making any wearer automatically look more pregnant, but here we are.

I originally intended to wear this dress to a fashion event tonight, but when my friends bailed I decided there's no such thing as "too fancy for work." When someone asks you what you're all dressed up for, the most appropriate answer is always, "LIFE."

Bonus fun fact: The waist of this dress is actually sheer, but since my boobs ate it, it's totes works appropes! #bloggerhacks 

AJ Wears :: Plaid and a Hat

Hats are awesome. Right? I did a terrible job of washing my hair so this hat has been my BFF the past couple of days. Felt hats also feel like a quintessential fall accessory - once you break them out, it's fall, even if the weather is hanging out at 90 degrees like a total jerk. 

Shirt, Gap (exact).
Skirt, J.Crew (similar).
Booties, Nordstrom (exact).
Hat, Asos (similar from Asos).
Bag, Alexander Wang.

More times I wore hats:

AJ Wears :: Buffalo Plaid

Sometimes I like to follow Instagram challenges to dig up some inspiration for outfits. Today's prompt for the Wear What Where September outfit challenge was "Playful Plaid." I thought, Great! I have so much plaid!

As it turns out, no, I do not have so much plaid. What I do have is this adorable shirt, which totally counts.

Top, Old Navy (similar from XXI).
Skirt, J.Crew Factory (similar from Boohoo).
Booties, Nordstrom (exact).
Bag, Balenciaga (I refuse to link "similar" items that are basically knock-offs, so hopefully you'll accept this similar style from MyHabit // or shop gently used City bags here).
Shades, Karen Walker via Ditto.