AJ Wears :: A Beret, Kind of

A couple of things.

A) I struggled with this beret. I was thinking, “Oh, I’m so cool, look at me with my quelle femme féroce vibe in my little hat.” And then when I saw the photos, it looked all wrong, propped up on the back of my head like a marshmallow floating in cocoa. Later observation of some far cooler girls on Pinterest led me to realize that it’s supposed to go closer to my forehead. You know, like a hat.

B) I also feel the need to confess that I never wore this jacket. I took it with me when I left the house, thinking perhaps it was colder than it was. But when I tried to put it on for the photos, I was thwarted by tiny arm holes fighting against my sweater sleeves. So here I am, draping it casually over my shoulders in the ultimate blogger power move. The color looked good with the outfit in photos and what is blogging if not a big fat lie? I could make a career out of Photoshopping trees out of the back of pictures and making my arms look a little thinner (JUST FOR ME, OKAY??). Victoria’s Secret catalog, call me.

3. Remember that time I tweeted about walking my dog with a purse strap? This is that purse, and that is why there is no shoulder strap on this purse. We couldn’t find Zoey’s leash so I grabbed this as a substitute. It never found its way back to the purse. C’est la vie.


Sweater, Asos (similar from Charlotte Russe).
Skirt, c/o SheIn (exact // 15% extra off with code Q1AJWears15!)
Pointless Coat, Banana Republic (similar from Boohoo).
Useless Hat, SheIn (exact).
Loafers, Gucci (exact // similar from Walmart).
Bag, Coach Swagger 27 in Gold (Poshmark // similar from Zulily).

AJ Wears :: A Velvet Bomber

I've been slow to adopt the bomber trend. I got a floral one last year that never stuck with me, so I was slow to try again. But ever so often, I go insane and forget everything I know, so HERE WE ARE. Better yet, it's practically a trend salad: bomber meets velvet? How brave! How 90's! And thankfully...how cute. 

Bomber, JustFab.
Tee, Banana Republic (similar from Asos).
Jeans, Old Navy (exact).
Flats, Gucci (similar from Steven at Shopbop).
Bag, Alexander Wang (similar from JCP!).

And now that I've decided the bomber is..ahem...BOMB, here are a few more I'm crushing on:

All from Shopbop! Don't forget - you can take up to 25% off with GOBIG16.