Shopping with StyleSpotter

In my quest to shop smarter, I’ve spent a lot more time “researching” my purchases. When I lived across the street from the mall (yes - that was a huge part of my shopping problem!) I would wander the stores aimlessly a few times a week whenever I was bored, hungry, or both. I was much more likely to make random, unplanned purchases and end up with stuff I really didn’t need or even like that much.


Now that I’m trying to limit my purchases to only “hero” items, I spend a lot more time on the couch than at the mall. Enter :: StyleSpotter. Yes, this is pretty much what I look like 95% of the time I’m at home. Pay no mind to the pug on my shoulder... I swear she’s happier than she looks. Today, we're hibernating thanks to a freak sleet storm, which leaves plenty of time for me to do some shopping.


I’ve been playing with this app all week, and I love it! Say I’m looking for a striped tee - I just do a search and shop through hundreds until I find the perfect one. I can “heart” my favorites so they’re easy to find when I’m ready to buy. They'll track the price of your favorites and notify you when things go on sale, too!


I’ve also been using StyleSpotter to create collections of different items, which can be quite handy for anyone trying to curate a wardrobe or create a packing list. I created a collection with the wardrobe basics I’m looking to buy this year, as well as a wishlist of items I’m watching and thinking about! It’s basically the ultimate little personal shopper.


Download StyleSpotter for iPad (it's free!) and check it out...and follow me when you do!

This post was sponsored by StyleSpotter, which I am legitimately obsessed with now.