AJ Wears :: Sweats and a Tee

These pants made their way to the MVP list just days after they arrived last year. About once a week, I don't feel like wearing real pants, so they're a lifesaver. I think the trick to the jogger is to dress them up with either a jacket or heels. Even though they've only appeared on the blog once, they've been well loved in real life with jackets, heels, sweaters, blouses...I love them. My officemate BJ always gets very angry when I wear them, because boys don't really have the luxury of wearing sweatpants to the office.

The other thing I'd like to highlight, of course, is the shoes. They're from my Top 10 and have managed to be a weekly shoe in my wardrobe. It's done wonders for my feet to wear flats for a few days a week. Am I getting old? Bah.

Pants, Ann Taylor (similar).
Shoes, JustFab (exact! get them!).
Tee, H&M (similar from JCP).
Jacket, The Limited.
Bag, Coach (similar).
Necklace, BaubleBar.

AJ Wears :: A Striped Skirt

These are my confessions.

I wore this entire outfit on Easter Sunday, and then I wore it again the Monday after because there would be no overlap of seeing the same people.
Sometimes, I'll go to the fridge to refill my water and I'll grab a piece of cheese and eat it. Not slice it off the block, I'll just take a bite right out of the block like a heathen.
I haven't washed my hair in...well, actually, I can't remember. Clean hair is for suckers.
Most mornings I actually pull myself together in 15 minutes, because I like to stay in bed until the LAST. POSSIBLE. SECOND. 8:45 am? Challenge accepted!
This outfit is wrinkled because I sat at a desk all day. The tassel on my purse is wonky because I was in a hurry to meet my friends for happy hour and didn't really review my photos. I also took zero photos looking at the camera. Why? MYSTERY. Nah, I probably just wanted to show off that I finally have enough hair to make a halfway decent bun.

My final confession? I fell asleep during Monday night's basketball game. The only thing I remember is the Little Caesar's commercial that came on after. Bite bite! Sip sip! You know the one.

Skirt (today's top ten piece): Kate Spade Saturday (similar from The Real Real, cute stripe option from Romwe, another one from ChicNova).
Shirt, Forever 21 (exact - awesome deal!).
Sweater, The Limited (similar from BooHoo).
Flats, Mango (similar from XXI).
Bag, Gucci (similar for less).
Glasses, Prada (similar for less).

AJ Wears :: A Floral Coat

Confession: You won't see every single one of my #Top10Remix outfits this month. Some days it's too rainy, some days it's WAY too busy, and some days I just don't have great hair. BUT, I'm going to snap a quick photo on my iPhone each time I don't do a full photoshoot, so you'll still see all 30 outfits by the end! It's just way too much pressure to blog every day for me. Also, don't you love how I said "photoshoot" like I have a full team and lights and shiny circles and stuff? Nope, it's really just me taking my tripod into the park and snapping like four photos with a remote and hoping a few work out. GLAMOUR! FASHUN!

The story behind THIS outfit is, I have no idea how it came together, but it was a popular pick around the office today! I told you I was trying to branch out and wear color, so here you go. This ought to hold me for a few days.

Today's other awesome story is about this bag, and this coat. Remember Sarah's coat story (yes, I feel like a stalker right now)? I too, found this coat in the back of my coat closet and instead of listing it on Poshmark, thought about how cute it would look with stripes. I'm pretty sure I bought this in college for like...$15. Score! As for the bag, I've been stalking the Borough bag since it was introduced, but didn't really want to pay the $500 price tag. When I found this one on Poshmark and snagged it for $150, it felt like fate. It fits my Macbook EXACTLY and was in fabulous condition. Spring isn't looking so bad after all.

Of course, the pants are from my Top 10 today. These were also an amazing deal, $90 from $350, and mine was the only size left. Some days, you just get lucky. Today's outfit was absolutely full of luck.

Pants, Trina Turk (similar from Missguided).
Coat, Old Navy (couldn't find anything close, but this one is cute!).
Tee, StyleMint (similar).
Bag, Coach.
Heels, Stuart Weitzman c/o Shopbop (I'm wearing Adobe, 1/2 size up).
Necklace, BaubleBar (exact, on sale!).