Things I Wore :: July 2019

Things I Wore :: July 2019

Another month in the bag! We had a fairly mild July, save a few super humid days there in the middle.

7/1: Aw, heck. I love this shirt. It may have been slightly too warm for jeans and boots AND a jacket but I did it anyway. I can get away with wearing this shirt to work because I *bought* this shirt at work during a pop up happy hour shop with the CEO’s daughter-in-law. Duh. Shirt, Mother Denim. Jacket, Asos. Jeans, Banana Republic. Boots, Coach.

7/2: Casual tee + High waisted shorts for shopping. Top, SheIn. Shorts, H&M. Sandals, Gucci.

7/3: Every year, my friend Jeff throws a pre-4th pool party to celebrate his inevitable hangover for the next day (since he’s off, you know). This is me being festive. Top, SheIn. Skirt, Forever 21. Sandals, Gucci.

7/4: Happy Independence day! I declared independence from pants and honestly, the fireworks were a bit crap this year. Shirt, Elizabeth & Clarke. Shorts, Zara. Sandals, Dillard’s.

7/5-7: Spent the weekend in Eureka Springs so no outfits to report. Mostly stuff from Nativ tbh.


7/8: Casual look for work and leftover braids from the weekend. But look, I’m wearing heels so it’s “professional”. Top: Madewell. Jeans, Hudson. Heels, 1.STATE.

7/10: You can read the story behind my buying this skirt on Insta if you want, but I was seriously digging this outfit for work. Top & Skirt, SheIn. Boots, Coach. Bag, Balenciaga.

7/11: I love that floaty, ruffled skirts are back. Me from 10 years ago is so excited. Top & Skirt from SheIn (honestly it’s all I wear in the summer, no shame). Sneakers, Gucci.


7/12: Our condo has drinks & dinner the second Friday of each month. We ended up ditching dinner and checking out 2nd Friday Art Night, where museums in the area stay open late and there’s live music. I also wore this to work! Top, SheIn. Jeans, Old Navy. Sandals, JustFab.

7/13-14: Shrug emoji.

7/15: Super lazy work outfit. Tee, H&M. Jeans, Hudson. Sneakers, Adidas. Earrings, Forever 21.

7/16: Work from home outfit, but then I had to go in to take care of some stuff so it became a lazy work outfit (and an excuse to show off the fanny pack I won from an 80s party this weekend). Sweatshirt, Fabletics. Top, Loft. Leggings, Old Navy. Sneakers, Asos

7/17: Too hot for pants! I wore shorts to work and the corporate world can deal with it. Blazer, Asos. Top, Forever 21. Shorts, Zara. Heels, Manolo Blahnik.


7/18: Wearing a blazer was FAR too ambitious today, but my boss was in town and we were running a booth at a conference so I foolishly believed I’d wear it. Blazer, Asos. Shirt, Elizabeth & Clarke. Jeans, Hudson. Flats, Chanel.

7/19: Day 2 of the conference + boss situation, with added bonus of our CEO and the FCC Commissioner so I dressed like I knew what I was doing with my life. Dress, The Limited. Scarf, SheIn. Heels, Louboutin.

7/20: Saturday! All we did was go to dinner and get severely disappointed by the world’s largest Tesla coil, so I kept it casual. Top, Old Navy. Shorts, H&M. Sneakers, Asos.


7/21: ALEXANDER HAMILTON! I snagged some seats to Hamilton in Memphis and UGH. Yes, it lives up to the hype. I wore my two-piece star set again (last seen @ Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) so I guess it’s my official Broadway outfit now. Set, SheIn. Sandals, JustFab.

7/22: Lazy work outfit. Top, SheIn. Jeans, Old Navy. Heels, 1.STATE.

7/23: For some reason, I got dressed to work from home today. Blazer, Asos. Tee, SheIn. Shorts, Forever 21. Sneakers, Asos.


7/24: After a month of returns and exchanges, my Anine Bing tee is finally here and I *love* it. Expect a whole post about this brand soon, because it makes me feel way cooler than I actually am. Tee, Anine Bing. Jeans, Banana Republic. Heels, Manolo Blahnik.

7/25 (day): I have a huge blister from the wrap sandals I wore on Sunday so I’m rocking the sport sandals. Shirt, SheIn. Skirt, Asos. Sandals, Zara.

7/25 (night): Dinner with friends at my fave, Bruno’s. I managed to spill sauce on this top but it remains one of my favorite two piece outfits. Two piece, SheIn.


7/26 (day): I can’t be bothered with cuteness at work today and decided I hate these jeans. Into the donate pile they go, thank u next! Tee, Everlane. Jeans, Topshop. Sneakers, Asos. Scarf, Asos.

7/26 (night): I finally washed my hair, just in time for dinner with friends at The Pantry. I just got this blazer from Asos and was THRILLED when I discovered it matched these shorts enough to make a summer suit! What luck. Blazer, Asos. Shorts, Zara. Heels, 1.STATE. Top, The Limited. Bag, Prada.

7/27: My husband is out of town on a bachelor party, so I spent my weekend in casual wear. I guess I put this on at one point to leave the house but I can’t be sure what I wore the rest of the time. Shirt, Anine Bing. Shorts, H&M. Sandals, Gucci.


7/29: It’s too hot to think, so I wore a black dress to work. Dress, Mango. Flats, Amazon.

7/30: It’s still too hot to think, and apparently I’m gonna just wear a different black dress every day this week. Dress, Everlane. Sandals, Gucci.

7/31: I actually was gonna try the black dress thing again, but these awesome wide leg jeans came in from Asos and I had to wear them. They’re like fashionable JNCOs and I’m living for it. Jeans, Asos. Top, J.Crew Factory. Wedges, Prada via TheRealReal.

Things I Wore :: June 2019

Let’s see if I can’t get this up earlier than I did May, shall we?

Every day, I take a photo of my outfit using Amazon’s Echo Look. As invasive as it is to have a camera in your home, I love keeping track of my outfits with it and being able to share what my wardrobe looks like on a day to day basis. You’ll see some repeats from Instagram and the blog because - get this - I actually wear this stuff.

June was a whirlwind of a month. Not only did we travel for my birthday, work seemed to be non-stop as well. I definitely skipped a few days this month - I likely was wearing those side striped Old Navy Leggings each and every one of the days not pictured here (I LOVE THEM UGH).

Week 1 is all outfits from my trip to NYC. I didn’t mange to snap photos of everything I wore, but here are a couple of things I found in my suitcase:


6/1: Travel outfit, and a darn comfy one at that. Tank, Chaser for Peloton. Jacket, Asos. Leggings, Old Navy. Sneakers, Asos.

6/2: Rooftop patio + Yankees Game. Skirt, Asos. Tee, SheIn. Sneakers, Asos.

6/3: Exploring Central Park! Dress, H&M. Sandals, Zara.

6/4: An Off-Broadway show and rooftop patio. Jacket, SheIn. Tank, Madewell. Shorts, Zara. Sneakers, Gucci. Bag, Anine Bing.


6/6: Charity event @ Heifer International. Dress, Rent the Runway. Sandals, Sole Society. Bag, Prada.

6/8: Shorts, Zara. Tee, Everlane. Sneakers, Gucci. Hat, Yankees Stadium.

6/10: Work - and yeah, I totally wore a crop top to work. Skirt, The Limited. Top, SheIn. Heels, 1.State.

6/11: Skirt, Forever 21. Top, Forever 21 (OLDDDDD). Sandals, Zara.


6/12: Dress, Reformation. Top, Endless Rose. Flats, Chanel.

6/13: Dress, Mango. Jeans, Banana Republic. Flats, Alexander Wang.

6/14: Pants, Old Navy. Tank, Madewell. Sandals, JustFab. Bag, Anine Bing.

6/19: Pants, Asos. Top, Elizabeth & Clarke. Bow, Amazon. Heels, Stuart Weitzman.


6/20: Shorts to work? Don’t mind if I do. Blazer, Asos. Top, Chaser for Peloton. Shorts, Belk. Heels, 1.State.

6/21: Top, Madewell. Jeans, Treasure and Bond. Flats, Chanel.

6/22: Saturday stuff, like the farmer’s market. Romper, Loft. Sandals, Gucci. Hat, Asos.

6/23: Top, Banana Republic. Shorts, J.Crew Factory. Sandals, JustFab.


6/24: Vest, Forever 21. Top, Everlane. Pants, Zara. Sandals, Gucci.

6/25: Tank, Trunk Club. Leggings, Old Navy. Sneakers, Charleston Shoe Co.

6/26: Jeans, Banana Republic. Tank, Everlane. Sandals, Gucci. Mug, The Office Musical Parody (off broadway).

6/27: Skirt, Trina Turk. Tee, H&M. Boots, Coach.

As always, I’m happy to answer whatever questions I can about individual pieces! I linked pieces that are still current that you’re able to purchase, and if an item is not linked there may be similar pieces in other blog posts where I have worn it.

Things I Wore :: May 2019

Hi, it’s JULY and I’ve just now gotten up what I wore in May. I’ve had a backlog of stuff to post on the blog for months now, stuff you’ve probably already seen on Instagram and my daily outfit photos that I just ignored.

Well, no more. Here’s May…and June is coming tomorrow. Just in case you’re new here: I take a photo of my outfit every day using my Amazon Echo Look. Some make it to the blog, some make it to Instagram, but at the end of every month I like to blog what I wore every day (and usually what I did or why I wore it) just to prove I actually wear this stuff out and about.

Except this month I’m just gonna tell you where all of the pieces are from, because I’m behind and that’s all you really care about, isn’t it?

Here’s what I wore in May! Got questions? Lemme know in the comments. Lots of repeat MVPs this month, but clearly I need to buy more colors of this J.Crew Factory tank!


5/1: Jeans, Old Navy. Tee, H&M. Jacket, Old Navy. Boots, JustFab.

5/2: Jeans, Treasure and Bond. Blouse, Elizabeth & Clarke. Sneakers, Gucci. Mug, Fur & Collar.

5/3: Blazer, Asos. Tank, Loft. Leggings, Old Navy (Stevie). Shoes, Amazon.


5/4: Jeans, Old Navy. Top, J.Crew Factory. Jacket, Blank NYC. Heels, 1.State.

5/5: Crop, SheIn. Leggings, Old Navy. Jacket, JoyLab (Target). Sneakers, Charleston Shoe Co.

5/6: Sweater, J.Crew Factory. Shorts, Zara. Heels, 1.State


5/8: Blazer, Asos. Top, J.Crew Factory. Jeans, Old Navy. Bag, Anine Bing. Boots, Coach.

5/9: Jeans, Old Navy. Top, J.Crew. Flats, Amazon. Bag, Barbara Bui.

5/10: Pants, Old Navy. Sweater, Forever 21. Flats, Everlane.

5/11: Dress, JustFab. Shoes, Amazon.


5/12: Top, J.Crew Factory. Leggings, Old Navy. Sneakers, Gucci. Hat, Arkansas Travelers.

5/13: Jacket, J.Crew Factory. Tank, Madewell. Jeans, Old Navy. Flats, Gucci.

5/15: Jeans, Old Navy. Tank, Loft. Jacket, Gap. Slides, Jimmy Choo via TheRealReal.


5/16: Tank, Chaser for Peloton. Jeans, Old Navy. Sneakers, Puma. Bag, Prada.

5/17: Pants, H&M. Sweater, local boutique Fringe. Bag, Prada.

5/???: Top, Trunk Club. Leggings, Gap Body. Sneakers, Charleston Shoe Co.

5/18: Sweater, Forever 21. Jeans, Old Navy. Flats, Gucci.


5/19: Workout Set, Outdoor Voices. Sweatshirt, Fabletics. Boots, Danner.

5/20: Jumpsuit, Target. Flats, JustFab.

5/21: Overalls, Old Navy. Tee, Everlane. Flats, Alexander Wang.

5/22: Top, Forever 21. Pants, ShoeDazzle. Heels, JustFab.


5/23: Tank, Chaser for Peloton. Leggings, Old Navy. Jacket, JoyLab (Target). Sneakers, Charleston Shoe Co.

5/25: Skirt, Asos. Tee, SheIn. Heels, 1.State.

5/26: Dress, Asos. Sandals, JustFab.

5/27: Shorts, Forever 21. Sweater, Fringe. Sandals, Zara.


5/28: Top, J.Crew Factory. Leggings, Old Navy. Sneakers, Asos. Hat, Ariana Grande Concert.

5/29: Suit, Asos. Tank, Madewell. Heels, Christian Louboutin.

5/30: Dress, Zara. Jacket, Old Navy. Bag, Alexander Wang. Sneakers, Asos.

5/31: Top, SheIn. Jeans, Old Navy. Heels, Manolo Blahnik