Friday Favorites Remix :: Tunic Sweater

Today is my final day of Take One, Pass it on! I backed myself into a corner yesterday, it was gonna be leggings or a necklace if it wasn't this sweater, so I really challenged myself to find a new way to wear it. Honestly, my favorite way is over leggings and I just swap out the boots and jewelry for a new look, but I thought the neckline would lend itself well to a party type outfit.


Don't even ask how I stuffed this sweater into this skirt. It wasn't easy, but once it was all in place it actually stayed nicely. The funny thing about this sweater is, the Victoria's Secret website calls it a "multi-way sweater" but I can't for the life of me figure out any way else to actually wear it. They show it as a cowl, off the shoulder, and hoodie. Mmmhmm. That's how they trick you into thinking you got your money's worth. Anyway! Link up below if you remixed this week, and I'll have a full recap of this month's TOPIO challenge tomorrow. Happy Black Friday! Don't stab anyone.

Sweater, Victoria's Secret. Bag, Pour la Victoire. Shoes, ShoeDazzle. Skirt, Forever 21.


AJ (re)Wears :: Boots and Leggings

Happy Thanksgiving, America! As you read this, I'm most likely wearing something VERY similar to this outfit, although these photos were taken about a week ago. Hurrah for scheduled posting. I would have blogged today, except I'm too busy stuffing my face. Which is why the loose, floppy tunic outfit is the perfect get up for the holidays.


Oops, accidentally re-wore both the boots AND the leggings. Over-achiever! I feel like I might have phoned it in a few times during this TOPIO challenge, but isn't that what it's all about? The world's easiest remix challenge. Also, who wants to bet this becomes my most pinned outfit, with some sort of caption like "omg! so comfy for fall! except different boots and in a different color and i'd never wear that much jewelry". Y'all. Pinterest LOVES some comfy fall outfits. It's a fact.


Tunic Sweater, Victoria's Secret (exact).
Leggings, WHBM (exact).
Boots, JustFab.
Coat, Forever 21.
Tassel necklace, BaubleBar.

AJ (re)Wears :: A plaid scarf

I spent about 4 hours making fun of ponchos on Twitter one day. And then guess what I just HAD to have for fall? A freaking poncho. It's not a practical piece of clothing in the slightest, but it does have that "I'm wearing a blanket in public" kind of a appeal. On a cold wet day like this one, I was happy to wear a blanket in public.


I passed on this plaid scarf today because A) It looks good with almost everything and 2) dagnabit, I wanted to wear this poncho on the blog. I've actually worn it at least four times without managing to get a photo of my outfit (blast you, sun, why do you set at 3?) so I made it my goal to get it today. I don't have very lofty goals, as you can see. Here's how I wore the scarf yesterday, and spoiler alert - I'm not remixing this poncho tomorrow because I honestly don't know how else to wear it. I need to think about it for a while.


Scarf, TJ Maxx (similar from Dillard's).
Poncho, Gap (check stores - similar from Lord&Taylor, Macy's).
Coat, Gap (similar from Michael Kors, on sale).
Leggings, WHBM (exact).
Boots, JustFab.
Bag, Coach (exact).