Work to Weekend :: Striped Pants

I love figuring out how to wear items in different settings. A pair of dress pants for a girls' night out, a slouchy casual top for date night, a classic LBD to the beach. Work to weekend has always been one of my favorite features on the blog, and since I've been wearing my favorite items more times and more places, it was time to bring it back.

Today's challenge: These slouchy striped pants. They've got a cool vibe that I loved the second I put them on, and I could easily imagine them in a number of settings. Work, date night, beach...they felt like they could work every day. First up: How I wore them to work. This long trench flowing behind me when I walked made me feel way cooler than I actually am, and adding a bright top made my Monday feel much less blah-y. 

Pants, c/o JustFab. Trench, c/o JustFab. Bag, c/o JustFab. Top, J.Crew Factory (similar). Heels, Manolo Blahnik (similar).

Fast-forward to the weekend, and I threw these pants on for brunching with my lady friends. It was a beautiful crisp day, perfect for a patio as long as you had a light sweater. Later that evening, I swapped my slide sandals for scrappy heels and wore a black silk tank and leather jacket. Date night. Boom.

Pants, c/o JustFab. Shirt, Forever 21 (similar). Sweater, Forever 21 (similar). Sandals, Forever 21 (similar). Bag, Coach.

The Top 10 Remix Challenge

Well folks, Sarah has done it again. I've participated in her "Take One, Pass It On" remix and the "Pin to Real Life" challenge in the past. She's always dreaming up a new way to remix her closet, and this month she's come up with the "Top 10 Remix Challenge."


You can read all about it on her blog, but the general idea is that you choose ten things from your closet that just scream YOU, and then you wear at least one of those items every day with anything else you want. It's born out of the same cloth as a capsule wardrobe without the restrictions. Here's the thing - I tried a capsule wardrobe, and I hated it. It was far too restrictive for me. I enjoy my clothes, I enjoy having fun with fashion, and I have a big enough closet that it's really not necessary for me to try and whittle my closet down to seven shirts and one pair of shoes. I'm hoping that this challenge helps me learn a little more about what my style REALLY is. The other thing that's cool about it is that at the end of a month, I'll have a whole list of "One piece, X amount of Ways" to show off! I'm going to push myself to really remix the pieces and wear them different ways. It's a great opportunity to learn how to get the most out of the pieces you love the most.

I had a little trouble picking out my top ten. As it so happens, my most worn pieces are some of my most loved. But they're ALSO some of my most basic items. That wouldn't stretch me at all, so I chose some pieces that are a little more difficult to wear but I love, or pieces that I've been wanting to do more with. I've already learned something from this challenge - I seriously need a little variety in my closet. I also learned that I still can't quite put my finger on what is and isn't my style or what makes me like certain things than others. We'll get there. 

So without further's my top ten! Note, this could be subject to change if I determine one piece isn't working out.

Yellow Tank: This is a recent addition to my closet, but I'm really trying to add some color back into my wardrobe and I think it's a great piece for Spring & Summer.
Grey Moto Jacket: Every time I put on this jacket, I feel like a million bucks. I don't know what it is, but I love love love wearing it. It might get too warm to wear it during the duration of the challenge, but I often take a jacket into work to wear to meetings or keep the chill off, so I'm not worried. 
B&W Stripe Tee: This is a no brainer. I love stripes. I could have done a Top 10 of ONLY stripes, but like I said, we're pushing ourselves.
White Wide Leg Pants: These pants are so good. I honestly added them to the mix because I want to wear them more, and this will force me to come up with new ways. Plus, I'm almost always in a skinny jean or pant, so it's time to play with a different silhouette.
Leopard Pumps: Leopard is my Stripes Part 2. I love leopard shoes in particular, and these are always the pumps I grab when I'm trying to jazz up an outfit.
Striped Skirt: This is a recent snag from the now-defunct (RIP). Hasn't been worn yet, but I wanted to add some more color.
B&W Dress: I wanted to include a dress in my mix, but as I flipped through my dresses most of the colorful ones didn't pass the "so me!" test. So, the neutrals it is!
Studded Loafers: I have loved these since they moment they arrived. They're definitely ME.
Blue Blazer: Adding some color.
Floral Tee: More color. Plus, I haven't worn this as much as I'd like, so I want to experiment with new ways to wear it.

I hope you'll join the challenge this month and show us what your style really looks like! Sarah will be linking up everyone participating, so make sure you hop on over and tell her you're in!