Review :: I actually bought the FabFitFun Box

If you don't know what the FabFitFun box is, you don't have the internet. Seriously, these people are everywhere. FFF gives a box to every D-list reality celebrity and blogger on the planet and they shill them four times a year in an effort to convince us plebes that we need a random box of crap delivered to our house.

I am one such plebe.

I signed up after the ads followed me all over Instagram and Facebook; I'd been wanting to try the Foreo and they gave me a code so it would only be $30. The Foreo is $90 on its own so great deal, right? Well, you only get to make your choices AFTER you put in the credit card information, where I was then informed that the one thing I signed up for was sold out. FACE PALM. Anyway, the box came yesterday and here's what's in it.


There's a lot of stuff in this box. And you can trust this review because I actually spent real money on this junk, and I'm not being paid to shill it. Isn't that nice? I admit, despite my annoyance that I did not get the one thing I wanted, I was excited to get the box and see what was in it. I love packages, shoot me. The packaging was really nice and it was fun to unbox.

The people at FFF must think I stink, because there are THREE different products to clean myself in this box. Honestly, it's a little overkill, especially since it takes me at least a year to finish a whole bottle of body wash. The sponge thing smells nice. To say I was underwhelmed by this would be an understatement; I suspect that I ordered on the tail end of the summer box and got a hodge-podge of items from previous boxes they were trying to get rid of. Please never send me a cleaning product again.

Korres Shower Gel in Japanese Rose ($18.50) // Whish Rice Milk + Rose Creme Cleanser ($24) // Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer in Papaya Yuzu ($16)


I got to choose between a Dr Brandt Primer and this lip palette. I really like my current primer so I went with this, even though I have too many lip products and I've never heard of "ISH". The brush falls out of it every time I open it and I don't know why I find that so annoying. The colors look pretty.

Ish Lip Statement Palette ($42)


I need another makeup bag like I need a hole in my head (in fact, I just bought a new one last weekend), but I REALLY LIKE MAKEUP BAGS, OK? There were cuter prints of this one but I like that there's a spot for my brushes in the top. I likely won't travel with it since I prefer a smaller, flatter style for packing but since I've started doing my makeup at the dining room table it'll be great for toting from my bathroom. What? The natural light is great in there and I'm lazy and like sitting down.

Yumi Kim Makeup Train Case ($58)


I am actually pretty excited about this eye mask. It has a gel pack you can put in the freezer. I used to have this lovely lavender cold mask that I finally threw away so this is a nice upgrade from that (it's a MUST for headaches). Oh look, a hand cream. I certainly don't have 1,000 of those laying all around my house. And thanks to the Foreo being sold out, I got this turkish towel that I have no idea what it's for. Is it a scarf? Do I wear it as a sarong? Do I take it to the pool? It looks like the blankets I brought back from Puerto Vallarta earlier this year but is much, much thinner. In fact, I've brought home so many blankets from Mexico my husband has put me on a blanket ban and might not even let me go back next year. I'm like the poster child for Hygge. 

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream ($33) // Trina Turk Turkish Towel ($78) // Free People Starry Eyed Eye Mask ($40)

So all in all? It's a decent investment if you like getting stuff in the mail. The total retail amount of my products was $309.50, so it's definitely worth a measly $50 each season. I'm a little curious about how the fall box will turn out, so I'm going to stay subscribed...for now. I'm a glutton for punishment. Plus, since we have a mail room in our building I always see the other women getting their FabFitFun boxes and I get really jealous so I have to AT LEAST try one more before I give up on them completely, especially since I got the bargain bin box this time. I don't think I'll be a subscriber for a long time, though. Even with the added bonus that you get to choose some items, I feel like I'll end up with a lot of crap I don't need. It's one of the reasons I cancel subscription boxes.

Despite all the crap I talked about you, feel free to send me free boxes, FabFitFun. I'm happy to take handouts. For the rest of you, if you decide to sign up please use my link so I get some money off of future boxes.