Why I'm Bringing Back the Skort

Arkansas summers are hot. That's not a surprise, considering it's the south, but now that I walk a lot more I've noticed a disturbing trend - wearing skirts inevitably ends in chubrub®. Sure, I'd love to lose about 100 lbs so my thighs no longer touch and I don't have this problem anymore, but that's not gonna happen, so I had to find a better solution.

*clumsy woman fumbles with sauce jar* THERE'S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY! 

For some reason, I was randomly wandering around Belk a few weeks ago (BB likes their shirts and we were in the neighborhood) and I stumbled on the world's most perfect invention: The Skort. I remember them vaguely from my childhood in the 80's, the original "business in the front (skirt), party in the back (shorts!)." These were so much better, though. The shorts...were inside of the skirt.


I've worn spanx to keep my thighs at bay this summer, which leads to lots of sweating and being uncomfortable, so a lightbulb went off in my head when I saw these. They would be perfect for work, perfect for walking to work, and perfect for traveling. I bought them in black and white.


While the length might be a little too short for taller girls and more conservative workplaces, I typically can get away with higher hemlines thanks to my height. The material is a glorious, stretchy suiting material and they pull on - no zippers, buttons, nothing. SO. COMFY.





These particular skorts are from a brand called Kaari Blue, which appears to be a Belk exclusive (read: in house) brand. I wasn't able to find them on the website, so check your local store - they were only $15! Here's a similar skort I found at Belk. Belk seems to be the skorts capital of the world, and I'm just going to continue to lean into the fact that I am a 90 year old lady now.

Seriously though, embrace the skort with me. I took the white pair to France and it was amazing to be able to walk without rubbing, bike if I needed to without showing everything, bend over, sit in weird places, etc etc etc. Join me on the dark side.



Friday Favorites Remix :: Quilted Leather Skirt

Happy Friday y'all! I decided to re-wear this quilted skirt today, a fast new favorite over the past month.


This is the outfit that I finished my Christmas shopping in. I spent all day running around like crazy trying to pick up those few last minute gifts, then wrapped presents while watching White Christmas. All I need is to buy some ribbon to make bows and I'm officially done! How's your shopping going?? Hope it's been as easy as mine! Here's how I wore this skirt last week - link up below if you were re-wearing this week!

Skirt, Express. Vest, Target. Tights, The Limited. Bag, Pour la Victoire. Boots, JustFab.


Friday Favorites Remix :: Plaid Pants

Hi Friends! After skipping out last week, you know I had to try and make this Friday Favorites THE BEST EVAR. Well, I'm not sure if I achieved that, but I did remix these sweet pants with my sweet poncho, so it was a fair attempt.


These are still easily my favorite pants buy of the year. They're so cozy and cute. Here's how I wore them last week!

Poncho, Gap. Pants, JC Penney. Bag & Boots, JustFab. Necklace, Baublebar.


How did you remix this week? Heck, how did you remix last week?? Link up below and show your linky friends some love too! Oh - and happy Friday the 13th. Hopefully you don't have any bad outfit luck ;)