Dirty Laundry :: A look at AJ's College Fashion

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What I am about to unleash on you is TRULY MAGICAL.

It's no surprise that I've always been into clothes and "fashion." I put that in quotes because I look back and wonder what on earth I was thinking. My college years were a wonderful combination of ill-fitting jeans, capri pants, and thinking I was way more punk rock than I actually was.

YEP. That's me in a plaid skirt and a tie. That same tie serves as a headband in the first photo. These are just a few of my college outfits I could find, there's a whole hard drive that refuses to work FULL of amazing things, including an outfit with a tie, button up, pleated skirt, knee-high argyle socks, and chucks. We'll call that the Avril Lavigne phase.

First car and what was, at the time, MY FAVORITE DRESS. Anyone remember the dresses with tulle that stuck out of the bottom? They were all the rage at Bealls.

My suite mates decided we should form a band our junior year, so look, another tie! With buttons on it! And some awesome pants. We took band photos. Never played one show.

Cargo capris and two top buns? CHECK AND CHECK. And we end with this photo because gee, what a mess, right? We used to play in the fountains on campus and go slide through the mud in the front lawn. It was a blast. These are the things I remember doing in college. Taking fake band photos. Playing nerf football and dominoes on a Sunday afternoon. Having picnics in the park.

Doing my laundry? Not exactly on the radar. It was a necessary evil, and usually one where I borrowed a scoop of detergent from my roommate and tried to stretch it over three (muddy) loads so I could save my last few dollars to buy tacos. Most of us probably had similar experiences in our early 20's, whether dragging a giant bag to a laundromat or trying to stuff as much as possible into our stacked washer/dryer unit that resided in a tiny galley kitchen. I bought the cheapest store brand that I could and didn't think much about clothing care. If this sounds like your college student/sister/new young professional, I think they're in desperate need of a little care package.

Enter the Laundry Care Bundle Pack - It's everything you'd possibly need for a perfect load of laundry (up to 70 of them, in fact) all bundled up in one perfect care package from Amazon. Here's why I think this is magic - I grew up with my mom drying my clothes in Bounce, so now I use Bounce. Not only does it feel familiar and home-y, it smells AWESOME. How much do you think it would help a homesick new college student to have clothes that smell just like when mom uses Tide? Don't you think this would be an awesome care package for a new grad in their new apartment? This is coming from someone who is obsessed with the smell of laundry, so correct me if I'm wrong, but it's so delightful. Literally just the smell of opening this box is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.

The best part is, they bundle it all up and ship it with a little note to the lucky recipient of your choice, and thanks to the wizardry of Amazon Prime they can get their little piece of home in two days flat. Bonus - if you want to keep your kiddo smelling fresh all year long, they offer a subscription service for 5% off!

Amazon actually as a lot of great bundles like this for you to choose from, and tomorrow (Oct 15th) they're throwing a huge Amazon Wishlist Shopping Party! They'll be giving discounts on the featured products, giving away ten kindles, and answering your questions.

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