Things I Wore :: March 2019

I guess it’s spring, people! The weather has started warming up, but I hardly took any blog photos in March thanks to constant rain on my cutest days. Bad planning on my part…but the good news is that I take daily photos with my Echo Look so I have SOME evidence that I wore clothes this month.


3/1: These are my favorite pants. I’m so glad I ordered them on sale (and the matching jacket, which you’ll see later this month!).

3/2: I re-discovered this longer camisole from LOFT in my closet this year, and layering it under a sweater, over leggings has been my favorite weekend getup. There was a Mardi Gras parade in SoMa today so we checked that out and then went and ate a ton of crawfish cheese dip (it’s amazing) at Rebel Kettle Brewing Co.

3/3: Little Rock Marathon Day + Cold + Rainy = I stayed inside and in my comfies most of the day.

3/4: Giant comfy sweater for work

3/5: Work from Home (AKA Old Navy Leggings). At some point I put on something Fat Tuesday festive but apparently didn’t bother to take a photo.


3/6: I’ve had this shirt for over a year and just now figured out that it’s a cute layer shirt! This cropped sweater remains a closet MVP and I wish I had more colors. If it ever unravels, I will be devastated.

3/7: Work + Volunteering at a Create Little Rock event. These pants are from ShoeDazzle randomly, but I have LOVED them because they’re stretchy and comfy.

3/8: Super casual day + some working from coffee shop.


3/9: Pulled out our bikes since the weather was gorgeous and rode to the State Capitol to hunt Pokemon.

3/10: Daylights Savings and Errands. The Everlane Day Glove has proven to be a favorite flat this month!

3/11: I guess I was feeling ambitious on a Monday? Finally got around to wearing this Leith dress I bought weeks ago (here’s the sleeveless version - I love this shape).



3/13: This is the suit I was talking about! I ordered the jacket when Blair’s collection first came out, but it was way too big and a little pricey for what it was so I sent it back. Fast forward to it going on sale, me ordering it in a smaller size (and petite!) and getting the pants too (now on sale at Rack). I love this outfit.

3/14: Got my hair done today and wore another suit. I am officially a suit girl. This is my favorite trend in years. This is another petite number, this time from Asos. I also finally wore these heels out of the house after a month of sitting in my closet, afraid of committing.


3/15: Work + Radio Remote (I later changed into my radio sweatshirt for that, though).

3/16: St Patrick’s Day parade and block party on our street! I did order a skirt and a headdress just for the occasion, and then discovered that the Irish Step Dancers were wearing the exact same skirt. Cooooool.

3/17: Actual St. Patrick’s Day called for more green. We went and saw Evita at the Robinson, which I didn’t really care for but I’m glad I saw.

3/18: I left work early today to go home and pack for my trip to San Diego! We also skipped cooking and went to Sushi Cafe instead…yum.


3/19: Flying to San Diego! Time for you guys to cross reference what I said I packed with what I wore. If you want to see more of my outfits check em out here.

3/20: General exploring in San Diego and shopping.

3/21: First Day of the Conference!

3/22: Second Day of the Conference!


3/23: We moved to the yacht today and took the trolley down to Tijuana.

3/24: Went to the San Diego Zoo and Coronado Beach

3/25: Spent some time in Little Italy before hopping a plane back to Little Rock.


3/26: I always work from home on Tuesdays, even on the days that I’ve been gone for a week. I didn’t want to wash my hair so I didn’t go to work, but I still managed to have a jam-packed day with radio and voice over gigs.

3/27: I did eventually wash it and bam! I’m back on the outfits. I took a photo in this skirt c/o SheIn but finally got to wear it in an outfit and I gotta say, it’s a fun little number.

3/28: One of my favorite things about coming home from vacation is all of the BOXES you get! My Spring box from Elizabeth & Clarke showed up and I love this shirt they sent. It was a gorgeous day so I met some friends on a patio to enjoy the weather.


3/29: Casual Friday. Ready to spend the weekend cooking and doing Peloton classes (get $100 to the boutique with my code HM8UTY when you buy a bike! DO IT LETS BE FRIENDS!).

3/30: We did very little on this Saturday, except go to Lowe’s and go look at Macbooks at the Apple Store. I bought two pairs of “street” leggings from Old Navy’s athletic wear on sale the other day, and they’re awesome for casual errand running for sure.

3/31: Barkus on Main day! It’s a giant dog parade and block party in downtown Little Rock. We followed it with crawfish at Rebel Kettle, cheese dip at Lost Forty, and tacos at Cantina Cinco de Mayo. Which I followed with a long spin class when I got home, because woof.

That’s (almost) everything I wore in March! I do have a tendency to change into workout/athleisure when I get home these days, so look for a post about that stuff coming your way some day soon. If you have any questions about where I got certain pieces, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!

Things I Wore :: February 2019

Looking through these photos, February was a pretty casual month for me. Wardrobe MVPs were definitely sneakers and sweaters that cover my hands - and leggings. Lots and lots of leggings. It’s like my bottom half was heading to the gym, while my top half was hanging out at coffee shops.


2/1: I pulled on this Asos sweater a few times this month. It’s super soft and the bright color made me happy. I also discovered Old Navy’s Stevie “pants” aka thick leggings this month - I love them.

2/2: I stalked this sweater from the Atlantic Pacific x Halogen collection for about a month before finally ordering it - JUST in time, too, because it went on sale and sold out a day later (you know I got that price adjustment!). I’ve worn it every day I didn’t wear the blue sweater. You’ll also see these brogues / oxfords a few times this month; they were an Amazon purchase and SO comfy.

2/3: I guess it was warm enough for no sleeves today! No idea what we did this day, but these Old Navy leggings (the high rise 7/8!) are my favorite, and this Theory sweater has been going strong for at least five years now.


2/4: A nice mild day in Little Rock, and you probably saw this dress on Instagram. I love a long sleeve dress and this print is too cute.

2/5: Tuesday is my work from home day, which means you’ll typically find me at Nexus tapping away on my laptop and drinking a bottomless drip (I take it black, thanks). I’ve been wearing the heck out of this Craft jacket I ordered from Peloton. It’s warm, it has a cute shape, and I get to rep my favorite bike. Please buy a Peloton using my code HM8UTY so I can get more merch and you can get $100 to the boutique.

2/6: I ordered the Everlane Day Glove when they had a sale on them, and the jury is still out on these. They definitely have a “breaking in” period that I’m still going through. I like the idea, though.


2/7: I was really into the idea of a casual suit vibe, so I tried on about three different tees with this suit before I settled on this one from Everlane. These are those comfy Amazon shoes again! Seriously, I love them.

2/8 (day): Spent my day at a radiothon for Make-A-Wish, so I wanted to be comfy (and warm!). I got this sweater at H&M when I thought I didn’t have a pink sweater. Turns out, this was my third one, but it’s long and soft and perfect for leggings. In looking for it to link, I discovered they make a bunch of other colors. NEED.

2/8 (night): Dinner with friends at Bruno’s. My friend Erin always dresses to impress so leggings + sweater weren’t gonna cut it. I also took this opportunity to debut my new Elmo coat (it’s a hit - exact on sale!).


2/11: This is a Before/After. I’m all dressed and feeling cute for work on Monday, only to walk outside and realize it’s really too cold and rainy for loafers. I added my beloved Zara raincoat (this season’s version) and some JustFab rainboots and then I was good to go.


2/13: Valentine’s Week! Love this dress SheIn sent me for the holiday - it’s perfect for work.

2/14: Decided to be festive for V-Day in all red, froze to death and put on pants when I went home for lunch.

2/15: This sweater from H&M is another MVP for this month - it’s so easy to throw on and go. Pretty sure this is the one.

2/18: I guess I didn’t get dressed all weekend. I did, however, have to go to work on President’s Day so I decided it might as well be in these awesome boots. Hey look, it’s that AP sweater again! Seriously, this thing rocks.


2/19: I fully admit to only getting dressed to go to a committee meeting today. It was cold so I was back in leggings for the afternoon. Dress c/o SheIn was a big hit at the meeting, though!

2/20 (day): Casual look for work. What’s that? The pink sweater? At some point, I’m gonna have to admit my wardrobe this month was less about “favorites” and more about “what’s in a pile on the floor”.

2/20 (night): Our friends got a table for a drag show benefit at South on Main so I decided to dress up a bit and throw on these snazzy pants from Asos. Guess what??????? THERE’S A MATCHING TOP. Also a little kid spilled his entire coke on me so I’m never leaving the house again.


2/21: I stole this cardigan from my husband, thinking I would get that cool, oversized Grandpa look. I forgot that he and I are basically the same size so it just looks like my cardigan. But look, cute socks with those Amazon shoes.

2/25: I have fully committed to the suit for spring. This is one that I bought a few years ago and never bothered to wear together (blogged here). I felt like I was wearing fancy pajamas, but got so many compliments!


2/26: Work from home day - aka, coffee shop. We also went and saw Crazy Rich Asians at the Ron Robinson Theater which was so cute. Comfy pink sweater sighting!!

2/27: Another suit - c/o SheIn and maybe too early to wear it, but with tights it worked out. Amazon shoes again. I’m not gonna lie, it was a little cold for this today but that’s what the indoors is for.

2/28: Work then Chicago with my girlfriends at The Rep! I ended up swapping my t-shirt and jacket for a comfy sweater (that white one from H&M) and my Elmo coat since it was so cold, but the general idea remained the same. Also - Chicago is on until March 24th - go see it. It’s absolutely awesome and we want The Rep to survive.

Things I Wore :: January 2019

Well, we’ve got one month of January under our belts. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of blogging, red continues to dominate my wardrobe (after black, of course), and I spent the last week of the month with some sort of gross cold (thanks, polar vortex). Here’s what I wore almost every day in January.


1/1: New Year’s Day brunch at Fassler Hall (duck fat fries + gouda sauce for dipping, trust me), and then we went to Target where I got a rug from the Christmas clearance for $1.50.

1/3: Remember this cute Old Navy dress from this fall? I knew it would look cute with my favorite cropped sweater, and I was RIGHT. Also, it’s on super sale right now.

1/4: This is the day I actually started in those fabulous wide leg pants from SheIn, but ended up changing because it was rainy and gross and I didn’t want to drag pants through water puddles all day. These pants were a random add to a ShoeDazzle order and I. love. them. So comfortable!


1/3&4: Here’s those same outfits, but with coats, because it’s cold. Red coat is from SheIn (exact), pink is Asos (similar on sale).

1/5: I, along with the whole world, got the Marie Kondo bug and spent my Saturday dropping off piles of stuff to Goodwill. This fuzzy sweater was a Christmas gift and has been one of my favorite things to cozy up in.

1/6: Gorgeous day, so we hopped on our bikes and rode to SoMa to get ice cream from Loblolly, pick up my favorite tea from the Green Corner Store, and then play ping pong at Core.

1/7: I love that this blazer is long enough to fake as a dress! What I was not prepared for was how much I’d be crawling around on the floor at work trying to put together a trade show booth.

1/8: Proof that I actually wear my outfits that are on Instagram and the blog! Here’s what I wore to work!!


1/9: Lime scooters appeared in Little Rock magically overnight, so this is what I wore the first time I rode one. A couple of thoughts: A: you never feel as cool as you think you will on a scooter, and B: did you know there’s a brake? You can use it to slow you down, instead of hopping off and running alongside the scooter until it stops. Amazing.


1/10: I’ve been spending a lot of time at Nexus Coffee instead of work lately. It’s just so warm and friendly and they have delicious bottomless mugs from Leiva’s so I like to leave and work from there in the afternoons. I wore this to work (and Nexus).

1/11: I somehow convinced myself that I would be the portrait of athleisure in January. I ordered 1000 pairs of leggings and matching tops from Old Navy. I am on the hunt for the perfect layers to pair, so I look effortless and chic. I even started a Pinterest board intent on nailing the look. What actually happened is, I have not gotten properly dressed most of this month.

11/12-13: Marie Kondo strikes again. I wore another “athleisure” look these two days no doubt, and spent hours putting together Ikea furniture after a huge haul. It’s basically consumed my entire life this month.

1/14: I wore this to work, but honestly I don’t remember much else about that day.

1/15: Another work outfit. Man, all I do is work and put together Ikea furniture this month.


1/17: Oh, do you notice anything weird about this photo? No big, just some stuff we leaned against the mirror during our Ikea renovations. I had no idea that they were blocking my shots for two days.

1/18: See above.


1/21: Marie Kondo strikes again. These boots are currently in the giveaway pile as they no longer spark joy. They do, however, spark lots of weird comments from strangers.

1/22: Look away. I have worn some variation of this outfit at least once a week since I got it. But I worked from home and then went to get sushi this day and it feels right.

1/23: Don’t ever let me leave the house without tights on again. I almost froze to death this day thanks to some insane winds and apparently it was only 30 and no one told me? kthx


1/24: I rectified my tights situation today and it was absolutely gorgeous despite the cold. Went to an after work thing that was supposed to be empowering but mostly just annoyed me, then had a lovely dinner with my gals at Cantina Cinco de Mayo (which was not annoying at all).

1/25: I’m having a hard time staying at work because there are these two guys that play ping pong near my desk about six times a day. So, I bail for another afternoon at Nexus.

1/26: I actually wore a cute outfit today and met up with my friends for some QT at The Pantry Crest (get the lasagna, goodness me) but forgot to document it. :shrugemoji:

1/27: GUESS WHAT. We went back to Ikea. We ordered some shelves and they came in damaged and the wrong size (oops) so we decided to drive back to Memphis to exchange them and pick up a few more things. The Ikea saga continues!! I really thought these Everlane sneakers would be comfortable for every day, but I did one of those foot peels and I guess my skin was too soft because they rubbed a huge blister on my left heel.

1/28: Last known day before the sickness struck. I ordered this coat from Amazon hoping it would be longer - the example photos certainly looked like it would hit me lower - but it’s so soft I’m keeping it anyway.

1/29-31: The plague has hit. You don’t want to see the Aerie pants I’ve been wearing every day (but I will link them because girl, they are comfy).

And that’s a wrap on January! We survived Marie Kondo, two Ikea trips, and the plague. Have questions about specific items? Just drop the date in the comments and I’ll tell you what I can remember.