Things I Wore :: August 2019

Another month, another batch of outfits. I seemed to change mid-day a lot in August, for whatever reason. And some outfits I liked so much, I wore them multiple times. A girl knows what she likes, you know?


8/1 (day): Somewhat lazy work outfit. Jeans, Banana Republic. Tank, Loft. Tee, SheIn. Boots, Coach.

8/1 (night): Met my girlfriends for happy hour after work and decided to put on a cute outfit since I had changed out of my day clothes into workout gear. Top, Forever 21. Pants, Asos. Heels, Manolo Blahnik.

8/2: I 100% felt like a super hero wearing this amount of hair to work and I 100% did not care what anyone thought. Top, Zara. Pants, c/o SheIn (15% off with code Q3ajwears). Wedges, Prada. Pony, Insert Name Here.


8/3: Saturday casual getup for Pokemon Go community day and some poke bowls. And more fake hair, obviously. Top, Fringe. Shorts, H&M. Sneakers, Gucci. Hair, Insert Name Here.

8/4: We tried to go to drag brunch but it was packed so we went and got pizza instead. Then that turned into an afternoon at the driving range, where I was definitely not dressed appropriately but enjoyed being a terrible shot. Set, c/o SheIn (15% off your order with code Q3ajwears). Hat, Fringe. Sandals & Bag, Gucci.

8/5: Work outfit and official audition to work for Delta. Blouse, Elizabeth & Clarke. Skirt, H&M. Heels, 1.STATE.

8/6: I accidentally discovered this suit matches and wore shorts to work. Outfit deets on this post.


8/7: It’s too hot to wear clothes so I chose a flowy skirt for work. Top & Skirt, SheIn. Bag, Prada via TheRealReal. Sandals, JustFab.

8/8: MOM JEANS. Outfit details here.

8/9: Super cute dress I threw in my cart to get free shipping! Dress, Old Navy. Wedges, Prada via The RealReal. Belt, Vintage.

8/10: Casual outfit for weekend stuff, like eating pizza and going to the mall. Tee and Jeans, Old Navy. Shoes, Ugg.


8/12: Work wear. Skirt, Rebecca Minkoff…or Taylor. Can’t remember. Shirt, SheIn. Heels, 1.STATE.

8/13: I worked from home and ran some errands today, so I dressed nice and casual. Dress, Old Navy. Sandals, Gucci.

8/14: I’m honestly not sure about these pants, but I saw them in a FB ad and thought they were fun. This may be the only time you see them. Pants, SheIn.


8/15: I have been on the hunt for the perfect white pants. I don’t know if these are it, but they’re pretty darn close. I just wish they were lined. Pants and top, SheIn. Heels, 1.STATE.

8/16: Headed up to the Spring River for BB’s birthday and I had a whole weekend outfit plan. I didn’t get outfit photos of all of my Baywatch-themed river garb, but this country getup I did. Top, Asos. Shorts, H&M. Shoes, Ugg.

8/19: This outfit turned out a lot cuter than I thought. Top & Dress, SheIn. Shoes, Asos.


8/20: Work from home Tuesday, typical workout wear. Set by Outdoor Voices. Shoes, Asos.

8/21: Work outfit! It was almost cool enough to wear this blazer outside. Not really, but almost. Blazer, Asos. Jeans, Old Navy. Tank, Madewell. Shoes, Gucci.

8/22 (day): I couldn’t decide what to wear today so I just went simple for work. Tee, H&M. Skirt, J.Crew Factory. Shoes, Gucci.

8/22 (night): Went out to celebrate getting a promotion with my friends! Skirt, Forever 21. Top, SheIn (and one of my most worn, clearly!). Heels, Louboutin.


8/23 (morning): I don’t know why I changed today but I guess I hated my outfit? Shirt, Chaser for Peloton. Jeans, Treasure and Bond. Sandals, Gucci.

8/23 (afternoon): At some point I changed clothes and I DONT KNOW WHY. Tee, Anine Bing. Jeans, Old Navy. Shoes, Gucci.

8/24: Got these pants back from the tailor and then went to dinner in them. Pants, Amazon. Tee, SheIn. Wedges, Prada.


8/25: Wedding shower outfit - it was a taco party so I actually fit in with the decor. Set, Asos. Sandals, Tamara Mellon (FYI!!! get $100 off with my link, super worth it).

8/26: Lazy work outfit. I have definitely worn this before, but this time I added a headband. Top, Elizabeth and Clarke. Jeans, Old Navy. Sneakers, Gucci (wore these OUT this month).

8/27: More pants I just got back from the tailor! I actually changed into this shirt at lunch because I was going to happy hour later and I thought it would look better. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get it right. Shirt, SheIn. Necklace, BaubleBar. Pants, Asos. Heels, Manolo Blahnik.


8/29: Birthday dinner for my dear friend Sandra and a c/o set from SheIn (15% off your order with code Q3ajwears). Sandals by Tamara Mellon again and yes, please use my link for $100 off so we can both get Mellons.

8/30 (day): This might be my new favorite outfit. Mom jeans by Anine Bing. Top, SheIn. Necklace, BaubleBar. Shoes, 1.STATE.

8/30 (night): Went to a work dinner and wore a variation of the outfit I wore earlier this month, just with a breezier pant since we’d be outside. Top, Forever 21. Pants, Asos. Sandals, JustFab.