Things I Wore :: February 2019

Looking through these photos, February was a pretty casual month for me. Wardrobe MVPs were definitely sneakers and sweaters that cover my hands - and leggings. Lots and lots of leggings. It’s like my bottom half was heading to the gym, while my top half was hanging out at coffee shops.


2/1: I pulled on this Asos sweater a few times this month. It’s super soft and the bright color made me happy. I also discovered Old Navy’s Stevie “pants” aka thick leggings this month - I love them.

2/2: I stalked this sweater from the Atlantic Pacific x Halogen collection for about a month before finally ordering it - JUST in time, too, because it went on sale and sold out a day later (you know I got that price adjustment!). I’ve worn it every day I didn’t wear the blue sweater. You’ll also see these brogues / oxfords a few times this month; they were an Amazon purchase and SO comfy.

2/3: I guess it was warm enough for no sleeves today! No idea what we did this day, but these Old Navy leggings (the high rise 7/8!) are my favorite, and this Theory sweater has been going strong for at least five years now.


2/4: A nice mild day in Little Rock, and you probably saw this dress on Instagram. I love a long sleeve dress and this print is too cute.

2/5: Tuesday is my work from home day, which means you’ll typically find me at Nexus tapping away on my laptop and drinking a bottomless drip (I take it black, thanks). I’ve been wearing the heck out of this Craft jacket I ordered from Peloton. It’s warm, it has a cute shape, and I get to rep my favorite bike. Please buy a Peloton using my code HM8UTY so I can get more merch and you can get $100 to the boutique.

2/6: I ordered the Everlane Day Glove when they had a sale on them, and the jury is still out on these. They definitely have a “breaking in” period that I’m still going through. I like the idea, though.


2/7: I was really into the idea of a casual suit vibe, so I tried on about three different tees with this suit before I settled on this one from Everlane. These are those comfy Amazon shoes again! Seriously, I love them.

2/8 (day): Spent my day at a radiothon for Make-A-Wish, so I wanted to be comfy (and warm!). I got this sweater at H&M when I thought I didn’t have a pink sweater. Turns out, this was my third one, but it’s long and soft and perfect for leggings. In looking for it to link, I discovered they make a bunch of other colors. NEED.

2/8 (night): Dinner with friends at Bruno’s. My friend Erin always dresses to impress so leggings + sweater weren’t gonna cut it. I also took this opportunity to debut my new Elmo coat (it’s a hit - exact on sale!).


2/11: This is a Before/After. I’m all dressed and feeling cute for work on Monday, only to walk outside and realize it’s really too cold and rainy for loafers. I added my beloved Zara raincoat (this season’s version) and some JustFab rainboots and then I was good to go.


2/13: Valentine’s Week! Love this dress SheIn sent me for the holiday - it’s perfect for work.

2/14: Decided to be festive for V-Day in all red, froze to death and put on pants when I went home for lunch.

2/15: This sweater from H&M is another MVP for this month - it’s so easy to throw on and go. Pretty sure this is the one.

2/18: I guess I didn’t get dressed all weekend. I did, however, have to go to work on President’s Day so I decided it might as well be in these awesome boots. Hey look, it’s that AP sweater again! Seriously, this thing rocks.


2/19: I fully admit to only getting dressed to go to a committee meeting today. It was cold so I was back in leggings for the afternoon. Dress c/o SheIn was a big hit at the meeting, though!

2/20 (day): Casual look for work. What’s that? The pink sweater? At some point, I’m gonna have to admit my wardrobe this month was less about “favorites” and more about “what’s in a pile on the floor”.

2/20 (night): Our friends got a table for a drag show benefit at South on Main so I decided to dress up a bit and throw on these snazzy pants from Asos. Guess what??????? THERE’S A MATCHING TOP. Also a little kid spilled his entire coke on me so I’m never leaving the house again.


2/21: I stole this cardigan from my husband, thinking I would get that cool, oversized Grandpa look. I forgot that he and I are basically the same size so it just looks like my cardigan. But look, cute socks with those Amazon shoes.

2/25: I have fully committed to the suit for spring. This is one that I bought a few years ago and never bothered to wear together (blogged here). I felt like I was wearing fancy pajamas, but got so many compliments!


2/26: Work from home day - aka, coffee shop. We also went and saw Crazy Rich Asians at the Ron Robinson Theater which was so cute. Comfy pink sweater sighting!!

2/27: Another suit - c/o SheIn and maybe too early to wear it, but with tights it worked out. Amazon shoes again. I’m not gonna lie, it was a little cold for this today but that’s what the indoors is for.

2/28: Work then Chicago with my girlfriends at The Rep! I ended up swapping my t-shirt and jacket for a comfy sweater (that white one from H&M) and my Elmo coat since it was so cold, but the general idea remained the same. Also - Chicago is on until March 24th - go see it. It’s absolutely awesome and we want The Rep to survive.