Things I Wore :: December 2018

It’s a week late and several dollars short, but here’s everything I wore in December!

Here’s what you need to know: I did a review of my Amazon Echo Look last month, which is how I keep track of all of these outfits. Do you need one? No. Should you get one if you like keeping track of what you wear every day? Absolutely.

I took off a lot of time over the holidays, so many of my pajama days are not pictured. No one needs to see my sloppy loungewear. You’re welcome.

And as always, if you have any questions about any of the pieces I’m wearing, leave a comment and I’ll try to remember!


12/1: We have a day/night situation to start off, with the first outfit being my errands/Pokemon Catching/Capitol Building Lighting outfit, and my second one being dinner at Bruno’s and some patio time at Cache. Coincidentally, my friend Erin also showed up in a black sweater and animal print skirt to dinner too, so clearly I’m very trendy.


12/2: More Christmas activities including lunch at Gus’s World Famous Recipe Chicken and “Christmas Frolic” at the museums downtown. They had like 1,000 cookies at the Statehouse!

12/3: Loved this outfit so much, I wore it to work. This skirt was a Trunk Club buy and I. Love. It.

12/4: Voted ✌️Also hit up our first Taco Kid night at Local Lime and I gotta tell you, any place that covers everything in yellow cheese slime is alright by me.


12/5: This was a favorite outfit last year, and it’s a great “I don’t wanna think” outfit this year. I just went to work. That’s it. Boring day.

12/6: I saw an adorable dress in the window of a boutique but didn’t buy it in time, so SheIn to the rescue. My friends asked if it was Gucci. I laughed. I wore it to dinner at Cantina Cinco de Mayo and then to watch improv at the Public Theater.

12/7: I was THRILLED when I put these boots on this morning. I’ve lost a little weight and they go up higher than they ever have before! Perfect way to end the week.


12/7 (again): Holiday party for my work at Heifer International. They said “Holiday Casual.” I said no.

12/8: Mr. AJ’s holiday party was the NEXT evening at the Marriott Hotel. Love this skirt from Blair Eadie’s collection with Nordstrom/Halogen!


12/8 (again): Casual and comfy outfit to hit up a Christmas craft show at Lost 40 Brewery. I did not get any gifts but I did get some delicious spicy hot chocolate from Loblolly.

12/9: Oh, is this the same photo? Nope, I’m totally wearing different shoes. I’m so lazy that I wore the same outfit Saturday AND Sunday. We got up for coffee at Nexus before doing some Christmas shopping.

12/10: All black everything for work. How inspired.


12/11: I ended up changing from a blouse under this dress to a vest over it because I was uncomfortable. It was a pretty comfy outfit for a day at a Facebook conference at The Rep.

12/12: Day 2 of FB conference. We ended up skipping the last session but I did get a free mini tripod for showing up the second day! Score.

12/13: Work and this cozy sweater again!

12/14: If I am wearing a hat, I have given up. I did get some pizza from Hideaway that evening though, which pretty much rocks.


12/15: Road trip wear! We made a day trip to Edmond, OK to pick up my NEW CAR! It was a long drive but the guy was so nice and helpful and they had the exact one I wanted. This was a super comfy way to drive there and back!

12/16: Casual cardi / sweater combo for a kid’s Pokemon birthday party. I ended up putting on that muppet coat when we trekked over to Brewski’s to watch football.

12/17: LOVE this sweater so much, even though it’s not been cold enough to wear it most days. I guess all I did was go to work this day.


12/18: And now, for some coat/outfit combos! I’m DYING over this star print dress from SheIn, even though I just realized that I have a short dress that’s almost this exact same print. Whatever, I love stars and it looks great with this bright coat.

12/19: Apparently, December is the month that I just wear the same outfit over and over again. It was so cute the first time, I wore it again for work. I am 95% sure these leggings will fall apart at some point, but I don’t care. I love them. If anyone knows of some side stripe leggings that will last longer, lemme know.


12/20: Ugly Christmas sweater day at work! This dress is from Amazon. I ordered two (obviously) and then two more for my mom and sister so we could all match. Also, I’m really into decorative/costume headbands right now.

12/25: This is what I wore on Christmas day for cooking, baking, and game night with friends. It’s honestly super comfy and LOOK. PUGS.


12/21: Okay, forgive me for doubling back but I wanted to put the Christmas outfits together. I wore this to work. Love this sweater from Mango right now! Honestly one of my favorite colors to wear.

12/26: I have no idea what we did this day.

12/31: Lol, this post is a mess. We went to Texas the weekend after Christmas, so I missed some days in between that and my pajamas. Here’s what I wore to New Year’s Eve dinner at Sushi Cafe - best last meal of the year! I changed into a skirt and flats when we decided to go to Stickyz for a band after that, but up to that point I was feeling pretty hot. Let’s pretend like my foundation matches my face.

And that’s a wrap on 2018, folks! See you at the end of this month!