AJ Wears :: A Little Red Dress

This weekend, I turned 34. Like, whoa. 34 sounds like the kind of age I would have thought was an "adult" when I was a kid.


While I participate fully in adulting-type things like paying a mortgage (and POA, bless it), going to a 9-to-5, voting, or remembering to get your oil changed every so often, I don't really *feel* very adulty sometimes. I still play video games most days of the week. I love - and have bought in the past year - stuffed animals. I have a really hard time turning down chicken nuggets in favor of a salad. 


(Shout out to Sephora for this killer makeup for my birthday dinner, FYI)


I like all of the fun stuff you get to do as an adult, though. I love staying up as late as I want, despite my body begging me to give in (and complaining loudly about it the next day). It's nice to have my own money to blow on stupid things like a Furby or eye masks that look like cucumbers. I really enjoy entertaining friends in our home, spending late nights by the pool laughing, and exploring the globe. 

Every year, my friends and I go out for my birthday. We sit around a table in one of my favorite restaurants, we drink good wine and laugh about stupid things. A lot has changed in my 33rd year, some things I would change, others I wouldn't dare. Some really great, some really terrible. What I can say without hesitation is - even if 34 still feels like I'm waiting to grow up sometimes - my 30s have been some of the best years of my life so far. So cheers to you, 34. 

Dress, Bec & Bridge via Rent the Runway.
Shoes, Stuart Weitzman (exact).
Earrings, Stella & Dot.
Makeup: Eye shadow, Anastasia BH Soft Glam, Lashes, Lilly x Sephora.