Home Stuff :: Pretty Little Cactus Plants

Ever since we moved last summer, I've spent a lot of time nesting in the new place. I don't know if it's because we got rid of so much stuff, or if I finally feel like I have a cohesive space to work with, but I've really enjoyed finding new furniture, rugs, and decor over the past few months and making it all work.


This is a vintage sugar mold. My mom and I found them in a booth at Canton First Monday years ago for $1 per hole. I got a little three hole mold that I've been using as a makeup brush holder in my bathroom, and my mom got this long 12'er. I'm actually not sure what she's done with it over the years, but she gave it to me recently and I've been trying to find somewhere to put it. It sat on our dresser for a while, untouched. I moved it to the windowsill, thinking maybe I'd plant basil or something in it. Then one day, I moved it to the dining room table to clean the ledges and it clicked - this would be the perfect centerpiece.

I had decided I wanted to do cacti in it, or maybe some succulents, when Commercial Silk contacted me and asked if I'd like to review their plants. Um, yeah, perfect timing, thank you. I picked a little pack of what I *thought* would be twelve assorted cactus plants and looked forward to their arrival.


Props to me for ignoring the description, because what I actually got was 12 SETS of three little adorable cactus plans. So, instead of 12 tiny cacti, I had 36! I loved them all. They were going to be perfect.


Right? SO CUTE. Each came in its own little glass with fill, so they're pretty much ready to toss around the house and look great. For my little project, they were a wee bit small and would need some filling in the holes so they'd stand out.


I popped into our local craft barn and picked up a few things. Styrofoam balls to fill in the bottom of the base, and I wasn't sure if I wanted the river stones or glass ones so I got both. I ended up using the river stones to fill the base, and then decorated the top with the glass stones because they were much smaller. I also decided to get some tea lights to use on a couple of the holes instead of plants. It's called ambiance, people. 


The final result? I LOVE THEM. I've actually had a few people ask if they were real plants, so mission accomplished. I have killed a real cactus before - which makes me less nurturing than a freaking desert - so fake was the clear choice for me. And now, I still have a bunch of extra plants for around the house! I'm thinking of making little gift bags with these guys. Or maybe some candle arrangements. Something for the bathroom. What I'm saying is, I have a lot of little cactus plants and I'm really thrilled about it. If you know me IRL, you will definitely be getting a tiny cactus from me.


Thanks to Commercial Silk Int'l for making my cactus dreams come true. My space is just a little more green now, and it looks like I actually know what I'm doing when it comes to decorative junk.