Review :: Amazon Echo Look

I’ll start this post by saying the Amazon Echo Look is on mega-sale right now for just $50 bones. I bought it for $100 (half of the suggested price of $200 that I don’t think they’ll ever, ever raise it to) and LOVE it - so grabbing it for half of half is an even better deal right now! Not sponsored and all that bologna. Okay - moving on.


I picked up the Amazon Echo Look during the Prime Day sale this year. I honestly wasn’t sure what I’d do with it or if I’d even use it, but the promo video looked cool and I figured it might be a great way to keep track of outfits on the days that I couldn’t be bothered to blog. As you’ve probably seen over the past few months, it HAS helped with that - I love how easy it is to say “Echo, take a photo!” and then head out the door in the morning.

So what does it DO? Basically, you perch Echo Look somewhere in your house and it uses its Amazon brains to take a photo of your outfit whenever you ask it to. It stores them all in the Echo Look app, where it build recommendations, collections, and helps you choose between outfits.


The app organizes your outfits by day and month, but you can also filter them by color for quick searching. It does a fairly good job of filtering, although I did a test with red and while it caught all of the outfits that were red, it included a few that had no red at all.

It also makes recommendations based on your top colors for the month! It’s really cool seeing stats about what you’ve worn over the month and learn more about how you use your wardrobe.


Whenever you take an outfit photo, Echo takes notes on the weather and gives you personalized recommendations to go with the pieces you’re wearing.

Echo also creates collections for you based on the weather or season, and it tries to guess if outfits are dressy or casual to create collections as well. The more you log, the more options you have to go back and look for outfit inspiration!


One of the cool features is the Style Check, where you can pit two outfits against each other and Echo’s AI will tell you which one is more flattering based on fit, accessories, or color. If you don’t like what the machine says, you can ask the community (aka real people) to vote instead. I’ve found that 90% of the time it gets it right, though!


This particular outfit I put on I was annoyed with how the shirt fit under the dress, so I ended up taking it off and putting on the vest instead. According to Echo’s technology, it actually liked my second version better and said “the combination of pieces” was more flattering.


I personally like the blurring feature that Echo uses (they call it “Pop”) because I can hide piles of junk behind me or open closet doors. It’s not perfect, but it does the trick. You can edit that out, as well as edit the brightness/warmth/saturation/etc right inside of the app. The attached flash actually does a great job of lighting evenly (I’m usually blind for a few minutes after), but I positioned mine so that I face windows for some extra light. (1).gif

For the best results, I recommend placing Echo at your chest or higher for the most flattering photos. I mounted mine on a Gorillapod and put it on top of my full-length mirror, which I think makes me look much leaner. I also experimented with a few positions around my house for the best backdrop - you want minimal “junk” so it’s not too distracting, and the photos look best when there’s a little distance between you and the background. The photos I’ve seen that look best are in empty, white rooms, but I actually live in my house so that’s not an option. The Echo does come with mounting plates if you want to hang it on the wall in your closet, hall, or even garage. I’ve found that my #OOTD mirror is perfect because I’m checking it anyway before I walk out, so I can just tell her to snap a photo and I’m on my way.

Oh, and if you have multiple Alexas in your house, you might want to change her trigger word. We have an Echo Dot in the bedroom and she got really huffy when I said, “Alexa, take a photo!” and said she couldn’t do that. I changed the Look’s word to be “Echo” so she’s the only one that takes that command and it’s worked like a charm.

So you may be wondering - who on earth would want this thing? It’s a very niche product, I will admit. It’s a great gift for fashionistas, outfit cataloguers, capsule wardrobers, and tech queens. Personally, I love it because it’s given me a second set of eyes; I often check my photo if I’m not sure about an outfit just to see how it really looks on me, and I use the style check often when I can’t get an outfit quite right. I also love looking back over the month and seeing which pieces I repeated often, and sometimes draw inspo from old outfits when I can’t be bothered to put together something new.

All in all, the Echo Look is a bit of a gimmick. Amazon is clearly using it to appeal to the fashion crowd, hoping they’ll sell some shopping addicts things through recommendations. I’m interested to see how they continue to adapt and grow the technology, though. Being able to tag items, see what you’re wearing the most, and further customizing recommendations for shopping all are features I’d like to see in the future.

Any other Echo Look users out there? I’d love to know what you think! If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them. Also, make sure you check out the #EchoLook hashtag on Instagram to see how other fashionistas are using theirs.

PS - this is not sponsored, I definitely spent $100 bucks on this thing, but I don’t regret it because

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