Things I Wore :: October 2018

My ultimate goal is to catch up on these enough that I can start doing them weekly. HA HA

October was a weather-y month. We had a lot of rain, some warm weather, and we finally got cool enough to pull out boots and sweaters! To say I am thrilled is a bit of an understatement. I pulled out a few favorites this month, copied some old outfits, and wore the heckin’ heck out of my Joie booties. MVP of the month for SURE. Here we go:


10/1: New contacts day, so I’m letting my eyeballs breathe. Honestly surprised I did this on Day 1. Express sweater and some Dillard’s private label flats that TORE UP my feet.

10/2: I have no idea what is going on here. It was a Tuesday so I must have worked from home here, but had to run errands. This is why people hate athleisure.

10/3: Clean hair and redemption for yesterday’s crimes. Trina Turk skirt, cute top I picked up from Trunk Club. Not pictured: A really cute cardigan I did not need because it’s still hot. We decided to return to our Cache happy hour tradition this month and this was a great idea.


10/4: Busy day of voice over work. I finally got my shoes back from the cobbler so I am wearing the heck outta them this week.

10/5: It is hot and I cannot be bothered anymore. This is technically shorts and a top (from Belk) so it just LOOKS like a romper. Shoes by Aquazurra that co-worker Abby almost stole off of my feet.

10/6: Mall / Apple Store / Beer fest kind of outfit. Weekend appropriate for sure. These shorts from H&M are AWESOME FYI - a little bootilicious but I love a high waist.

10/7 (not pictured): Just wore lounge clothes today - we heard some people cheering outside and decided to go down and see what football team they were cheering for. Oddly enough, it was the Browns and the Browns Fans of Little Rock have a standing appointment at Dugan’s to watch them all season. Their vigor has made me a browns fan now.

10/8: Oh look, it’s that shirt from Express I picked up at the mall on Saturday.


10/9: Not found, must’ve worked from home again

10/10: This dress still going strong! I love it! The weather was amazing so I met up with some friends on the Cache patio and soaked it up. My friend Candice has this dress too.

10/11: Concert outfit! I finally got to pull out these ridiculous Stuart Weitzman boots I bought on mega sale for the Thomas Rhett concert. I gotta tell you, I don’t know that I’ve ever received more compliments on a pair of shoes in one day, EVER. They’re sparkly. I love them.

10/12: Too much fun at the concert, so I went comfy for that Friday at work. The weather has cooled off beautiful and we’re off to the Arkansas State Fair this evening! I had the hot beef sundae, and this dress is from Old Navy.


10/13: And here’s where the rain kicks in. Y’all, it rained so much this day. The Razorbacks play in Little Rock once a year and it’s one of my favorite LR traditions, but this weather made it absolutely miserable. Thank goodness for friends with a giant tent. We skipped out on going to the game in favor of watching the game at our condo and eating brownie sundaes. This Zara rain jacket has been an absolute lifesaver on rainy days!

10/14: Brunch at EJ’s followed by Jersey Boys at the Robinson Music Hall. Old Navy dress strikes again but this time it’s cold enough for tights. After that, we hit up Lost Forty for a concert for Clarke Tucker (who absolutely should have won, keep voting blue y’all).

10/15: You may have caught on by now that my hair is still in french braids. Get over it, it’s been raining non-stop for days and this is the only way I can keep my hair in check. It’s cold and I didn’t feel like wearing anything today, so I’m wearing a giant blanket from the Loft.

10/16: What’s this, clothes on a Tuesday? You caught me (still trash hair though). I had a committee meeting at Heifer so I had to pull myself together. When my friend picked me up (at my house) to drive over there, she was like, “Do you have a hot date after this?” Nope. Just an over-achiever (except the hair, again, I don’t care).

10/17: FEELING this gorgeous dress I picked up from Trunk Club last year (I think it’s Treasure & Bond?). Another gorgeous afternoon so we happy hour at Cache. Also yes, I finally washed my hair. Judge away.

10/18: Feeling de ja vu? That’s because I wore this exact same outfit exactly one year ago. I saw it on Timehop and decided it was a great choice for the day. JustFab has restocked this cardigan and I was excited to pull out the ole 5050 boots for the first time this year.

10/19: Casual vibe for work. I later changed into a lace shirt for a dance party and Italian food.


10/20: Happy Pride, Arkansas! It was a little too warm for this cardigan in the sun, but perfect on the shady patio where we decided to watch the festivities.

10/21: Gorgeous cool day, so we biked around downtown and did the regular Sunday Bike2Brews tour. It was also Pokemon Go community day, so I caught a bunch of pokemon. Oh look, it’s those boots again.

10/22: Work stuff - Cute skirt from JCrew Factory and a cropped sweater from The Limited. I love this outfit even though it’s super simple.


10/23: SheIn is now actively stalking me on Facebook and Instagram. I had to have this sweater, even though the pearls click on my desk when I try to type. And look, more emerald. I have never been more predictable.

10/24: Another SheIn target but I LOVE this set. It’s so fun, I feel like a fancy pinata. I had to look extra cute today because I was taking headshots for the radio station. Then we did our normal Cache happy hour which was way more embarrassing this time because I had a giant run in my tights.

10/25: It’s raining. I wore a sweater from Asos.

10/26: Conference Day! I attended the Made by Few conference (for makers of the web!) instead of going to work so I had to make sure I was comfy cute for that.


10/27: Day 2 of MxF and my Nordstrom order from Atlantic Pacific x Halogen arrived just in time. This sweater is SO soft and cute!

10/28: There’s an Air Show at the Jacksonville Airforce Base and Mr AJ got us into the chalets, so of COURSE we were going to that (I love a VIP perk). It was actually 70, sunny and gorgeous so I didn’t even need a jacket. The Thunderbirds were really cool! Also peep appearance #4 of these Joie booties. I need to get them in black, yo. They’re so comfy, so cute.

10/30: Halloween Eve, peeps! I wore my favorite spooky sweater to work, and then we hit up a Halloween alley party downtown before getting food at Stickyz. I need to stock up on some more spooky stuff while it’s on sale, I love it.

10/31: Halloween party at work and IM A BASIC, DUH. Two days in a row with the peace sign, woof. I wore these ears every chance I got this month because they’re from the official Disney World store and I spent too much money on them, tbh. Especially since they’re halloween themed and I’ll only be able to wear them once a year. But I love them and that’s all that matters. We hit up some Scary-oke because it rained all night and Mr AJ won $100! Not for singing. For being born in the same year as the bill. Either way - boom.