AJ Wears :: A Two Piece Dress

In my never ending quest to build the perfect versatile wardrobe - particularly for travel - I love little hacks like today's "dress." The first time I wore it, my friend Maegan commented, "Cute dress!" and I pulled the waistband of the skirt out with excitement and said, "IT'S TWO PIECES!"

Yes, this two piece set is a modern wonder. I imagine I'll pack this for my summer excursions and wear the top with white pants and wedges, then the next day the skirt with a white silk tank. At night, I'll put the two together for the perfect dinner dress and wonder if people can smell the fact that I've worn the same two pieces for three days in a row. Easy, breezy, travel Febreze (the Gain smell makes it feel like you actually did laundry). 

Speaking of travel and walking in general, these JustFab flats are my latest favorite find. They're just dainty enough that it feels like you're wearing a dressy sandal, but comfortable for walking. For some reason the pathetic excuse for a heel still makes me feel like I'm wearing heels, so that's a win in my book.

Top, JustFab (exact).
Bottom, JustFab (exact).
Heels, c/o JustFab (exact in several colors).
Necklace, local boutique Fringe.

This post is not sponsored by JustFab but might as well be, since I'm a walking model for them right now. I am a Brand Ambassador, though, just for some full transparency stuff so the FTC doesn't come for my very fashionable bones.