Luxury Products Worth the Price

When 2016 began, I decided my word for the year was "Invest." It doesn't always involve money, of course, you can invest time, effort and other resources. In the case of this blog post's money. It's hard to drop hard-earned dough on expensive products when you don't know if you'll love them or not, so I'm giving you my opinions on a few things I think are worth a little splurge.

Oribe Shampoo & Conditioner

I'm not saying you HAVE to spend a lot on your hair. My favorite product for natural curls is under $10 a jar.  But in an effort to invest in my best hair yet, I amassed a large collection of Birchbox points and decided to try Oribe's Gold Lust line (which is sulfate free!). Why is it worth the money? The smell alone is enough, but I also notice a huge difference in softness, shine and frizz when I stray. I'm still not completely comfortable with spending this kind of cash on shampoo and conditioner, but a little goes a long way. Since I only wash my hair every 5-7 days, the duo has lasted for a couple of months already.

Charlotte's Magic Cream

I was standing in the Charlotte Tilbury department at Nordstrom listening to the sales associate rave about this "Magic Cream." Amazing moisture? Secret formula used by the pros and models? He even claimed it evened out redness. I of course, had to have it. And here's where I'll admit - I had no idea how much it cost. After he rang me up I swiped my card and tried to forget about it, because I'm more the type to just continue with the charade than own up and say I don't want it anymore. Besides, he gave us an advance sample of an upcoming mascara (hated it) and a bunch of sample packets of the eye cream and night cream (those were great).

The end of the story is, I'm so glad I bit the bullet. I use it every day, and every day it feels like a little luxury. The cream is smooth and soft, smells amazing and works wonders as a primer. Dare I say my skin has never looked better and felt softer? Again, a little goes a long way - I only use a small dab into the pot for my entire face. Bonus: the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. A warning, though. If you can't swallow the price, this will never feel "worth it." If you're expecting magic, well, nothing is magic. But this is a solid, luxurious cream that makes me feel pampered every day, so if that's what you're looking for, Charlotte's Magic Cream will hit the spot.

My Two Favorite Hairsprays

Growing up a Texas gal, hairspray was for one thing - Texas hair. And we used one spray, too: Aqua Net (which I learned in college was also great for killing ants). Over the past few years, hairspray has evolved, and so have I. Both of these sprays were samples from Birchbox that I fell in love with and decided I needed the full size. 

I'm actually not sure I could live without the Serge Normant Dream Big spray. Not only does it give mad volume to even my flattest, grossest hair, it's somehow replaced my dry shampoo. I don't know how or why, but my hair doesn't show oil when I use this in the first few days of a wash. This gets the AJ two thumbs up, all the way. For what it's, I love his normal hairspray too.

After I cut my hair off, I needed a texture spray to keep my curls from looking too done, so I opted to try the Oribe Wave & Shine Spray. I swear, this stuff can turn around even the most terrible frizz bomb.  It makes it piece-y and and fabulous and you're gonna just have to trust me on this one. I hear amazing things about the Dry Texturizing Spray too.

Fancy Lipstick

You know the phrase, "Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together?" I will fully admit I've always had a weak spot for designer lipstick. Not all designer brand makeup is worth the hype (hello, Marc Jacobs), but I've had a little love affair with YSL lip colors. In particular, the Rogue Pur Couture is my favorite - Bois De Rose is a gorgeous natural pink that feels just dressy enough without going over the top. And you know what I'm going to say smells amazing. I'm a big smell person, what can I say.

What are some of your favorite luxury products?