Sometimes I Workout :: The Peloton Bike

Let's take a break from the clothes and shoes today for a bit of a review, shall we? Last year, my husband and I saw an ad for the Peloton Bike and were immediately intrigued. We'd been doing spin classes together for a few years, but making it to classes after work was always a pain. The thought of being able to spin away in my living room whenever I wanted sounded like a dream. We're both tech nerds too, so we planned a weekend trip to go to the closest showroom in Dallas to check it out.

(PS just in case you don’t get to the bottom - use code HM8UTY when you buy your bike to get $100 at the Peloton Boutique).

After trying the bike in person, we were convinced and decided to buy one for ourselves for Christmas. Long story short - we love this thing. My husband just celebrated his 100th ride this week, and I'm not too far behind him! 

What makes the Peloton more attractive than just a normal spin bike and some DVDs is the software and subscription service. The subscription includes live classes streamed directly out of their NYC studio, and an on-demand library of over 3,000 archived classes. On the left of the tablet, there's a list of upcoming live classes with the theme, instructor and time. On the right, the catalog of previous classes that you can take any time you like.

The bike keeps track of each ride you do and provides detailed analytics on how many calories you burned, your speed (cadence), weight (resistance) and total power (output). You can earn badges based on personal records, number of rides, etc. Here's what a ride actually looks like:

On the right, the leaderboard. You race against other people in the class, which really appeals to the competitive side of things. I've joined a Facebook group of other Peloton women and I can make a personal leaderboard with just my friends so it feels like I'm "riding" with them. It's been a great support group. Across the bottom, your stats including distance, speed, output and resistance - with an estimation of calories at the end. You can hook up a heart rate monitor to the bike as well to get a more accurate reading on that.

I also use an app called MotiFit for Apple Watch to measure my heart rate and watch my zones. I've been really enjoying endurance classes, which make you focus on staying in the endurance zone - 70-80% of your max heart rate. 

The real appeal in these classes is that you feel like you're in the studio with them. During live classes, instructors will give shout-outs to home riders on the leaderboard. There's an instructor for almost any type of class you're feeling; when I want to really kill myself and feel like a total BA, I choose Robin. If I want a crazy dance party, it's Cody. If I want to laugh and push out some girl power, Jess. To train for endurance, Steven. To focus on myself and feel centered, Nicole or Hannah. There is literally a trainer for every style preference and a ride for every style of music. They often throw theme rides - Like Justin Bieber vs Timerlake - which was one of my favorites! You genuinely still feel the excitement and energy from being in a real class, minus the traffic.


And of course, you get to wear fly shoes. 

We've had the bike for almost a year now, and it feels like someone has finally made a piece of home exercise equipment that actually gets used. The Facebook communities have been such an awesome, supportive part of the experience and it's made "going to the gym" really fun instead of a chore. Sometimes I browse the classes thinking I won't do a ride and I see one that looks so fun, I can't resist and hop on.

If you have any questions about the Peloton bike or you're thinking about getting one of your own, I say DO IT. Especially if you're already a big spin fan. We keep ours right in the living room so it's basically a part of our decor now. ALSO - if you’d like to use my referral code when you buy the bike, HM8UTY will get you $100 off your next purchase at the online Peloton Boutique. I own several of their tanks and I love them!

Any other fans in Pelotonia out there?