What Not To Pack for the Beach

I pride myself on the ability to pack a suitcase. So I don't know WHAT happened on my recent trip to Florida but...I packed my whole closet. I filled the biggest suitcase with every thing I thought I might need and it turns out, I probably could've done the whole thing in a carry on. So learn from my mistakes! Here's what you definitely don't need for the beach!

What NOT to Pack

1. Two pairs of white jeans. Oh, I might dress up at night! You think. What if it gets cold? Well, it won't. I need something dressier than shorts! Yeah...you don't. Unless you're on some bougie beach hanging with celebs, most people will be dressed worse than you. I went to one place where a guy was wearing nothing but a towel! It's cute that I thought I was going to squeeze myself into a pair of skinny white jeans and/or flare white jeans (COME ON WHY) at the end of the day, but they remained untouched.

2. Five bras. I wore a bra once the entire week. Only because my shirt was a little see-through. Who do I think I am, Victoria's Secret? One comfy bra should do it, especially if it's reversible (this is one of my favorites).

3. Five pairs of shoes. I brought a pair of leopard espadrilles, black sandals, gold slides, tan slides, and black wedges.  The only shoes I wore consistently were the espadrilles and the gold slides. The wedges were nice for the one night we went out, but in the long run...I did not need that many shoes. I make this mistake pretty often.

4. Every top you own. The same Everlane tank in black and white. The same Everlane tee in black and white and grey. Three striped shirts/tanks, a SWEATER (I can't), a DIFFERENT sweater (seriously why), and probably about six more that I never even pulled out of their packing cubes. We spent so much time at the beach, on a boat, or biking from bar to bar that I didn't want to wear anything nice. In fact, I wore my bathing suit cover ups more than any other clothes. On that note...

5. Silk anything. What crazy person would bring silk tanks and a silk dress to the beach? This one, apparently. You're gonna sweat like crazy, all the time. Silk doesn't love that. Keep them hung in the closet.

6. Underwear, probably. I basically wore a swimsuit all the time, in case of impromptu ocean or pool. At least I don't have to do that much laundry.

7. Shampoo...conditioner...anything hair related. It's cute that I thought I was going to straighten and curl my hair. Or...wash it. I was rocking some serious ocean waves, no products required. Leave the Wave & Shine spray at home and leave some room for something else. Not a steamer though, because I didn't use that thing either.

What you SHOULD pack

1. Swimsuits! Bring a good variety of one & two piece suits. I liked wearing a high-waisted bikini for the days we were on the boat so it was easier to go to the bathroom. I also am a big fan of the mix and match, so I have two suits that are interchangeable. 

2. Cover Ups. I like longer ones that I can wear alone, but look good with shorts too.

3. A Yeti Mug. That's the only thing I brought that I used every day.

Next time I pack...someone remind me of this post. If you want to see the times I've packed RIGHT, you can check out my packing guides here.