Sometimes I Shop :: Pool Party Crushes

100° days call for the best way to beat the heat - the pool. My in-laws have transformed their backyard into a bit of an oasis, so my summers are filled with pool parties every year. Naturally, I spend most of the summer shopping for new suits, coverups and other beachy things because of it. This year, I've seen some stuff that I have a MAJOR summer crush on that I thought I'd share with you guys. Please comment below and talk me out of buying every single thing.

Long Sleeved Swimwear

I've long admired Cynthia Rowley's collection of rash guards and sporty swimwear, but this year it seems like a lot of other designers are hopping on board! And really, who wouldn't love it? More sun protection, less jiggly arms. The whole pool will think you're some exotic surfer girl, probably.

Cynthia Rowley // Fleur du Mal // Seea

Circle Towels

Why do I love these so much? Is it the funky shape, or the fact that it looks like food? Instagram-ability = 1000. Shop these beach blankets here.

Fun Poolside Sippers

You know I love a good theme, and I've had a weeeeee bit of a shopping problem this summer when it comes to cute tumblers and cups. I got a patriotic one for 4th of July, snagged one that said "Pug Party" for my birthday, and have grabbed a few on sale basically every time I go into Hobby Lobby just in case. Need the perfect pool drink to go in them? One of my favorite summer concoctions is Pinnacle Whipped Vodka + Pink Lemonade.