What To Wear :: The Annual Seersucker Social

The Annual Seersucker Social is Thursday, June 23rd (tomorrow!), and it's about one of the most southern things you can attend. Mint julips and hors d'oeuvres, lawn games and live music all on the lawn of Arkansas's First State Captiol, The Old State House. The dress code? Southern Summer Attire. Now, seersucker is a pretty safe bet if you've got it, but it's not required, so I dug into my archives to find a few ideas for what to wear to tomorrow night's event. Need tickets? There are still a few available.

Classic Summer Dress

Ladies, you cannot go wrong with a classic summer dress. Florals, stripes, and bright colors are all welcome choices and will keep you cool in the summer heat (high on Thursday is 93!). 

Mix & Match Separates

Of course, if you're not a dress girl, get creative with your separates! White pants, gingham, linen or lace are all great choices. This is where those of you who love the nautical look can go crazy.

Wedges or Chunky Heels

Did I mention the party is on the lawn? That means no stilettos! Flats are a practical choice, of course, but we're southern ladies, aren't we? Practicality is not always the name of the game. I'd go for some playful wedges or a solid block heel so you don't find yourself sinking into the grass every two seconds. Trust me on this - I wore heels in my sister's wedding, on grass and mud, and they have been sacrificed to the shoe gods now.

And when in doubt, just add hat. Think of this as Derby Day, without the horses and with better food.

Want more info on the Seersucker Social? Check out their Facebook page to see what everyone was wearing last year, and buy your tickets online for tomorrow night's event! I hope to see you all there and say many fancy southern things, like "Y'all" and "Bless your heart."