AJ Wears :: A Denim Dress

First things first - thank you SO much for all of the comments, shares, and support on my last post. It does not matter what size or shape you are, most of us have experienced this at one point or another and it's frustrating. It's always nice to get  a simple, "That sucks! I feel that way too." Rest assured, I have cut back on my cheese fries and fried chicken to try and remedy the situation, but I'm completely comfortable in my skin - just not my pants.

That being said, I'm pretty sure we could classify this dress as a pinafore. While it should make me feel like I'm four, I still really dig it. I tried to pair it with a polka dot button up and a bow tie this morning, but that made the whole thing WAY too sweet. A sleek black turtleneck was definitely the better option. Sometimes, I edit my outfits as I go in the morning until it feels right.

Which my husband loves, because he comes home to a trail of blazers, shirts and shoes in the afternoon. I'LL GET TO IT

Dress, Reformation (similar from Boohoo // similar from Asos).
Shirt, Asos (exact - it's super soft!).
Necklace, BaubleBar.
Flats, Zara ( VERY similar from TopShop // slightly edgier similar from TopShop).
Bag, Kate Spade (awesome similar from XXI // similar from Kate Spade).