AJ Wears :: A Bug Shirt

It says a lot about what I must usually look like at work when people go out of their way to say nice things whenever I've fixed my hair, put on makeup AND wore a cute outfit. At least three people stopped this morning to say, "Oh look at you!" or "Wow, you look so put together!"

Let's be real, it's clearly the new hair. You have to actually do hair and make up when you do a drastic clip or color because otherwise, you just look weird. Also, jokes on them, I've got bugs on my shirt.

Top, Banana Republic (exact - 50% off sale price!).
Shirt, Asos (exact).
Jeans, The Limited (exact - on sale for only $30!).
Wedges, JustFab (similar).
Bag, Coach.

PS - It's going to be a rainy week so I finally get to test out my Handbag Raincoat! Is this the weirdest thing I've bought yet? Maybe, but if you've ever tried to protect your nice leather bag from the elements, you'd love this thing. There's velcro at the top that can be closed around the handles for maximum coverage, and the whole thing folds up and fits into a little pouch you can toss in your bag. As someone who has definitely dug around in her car for an old Target bag to put my bag inside of when it's pouring, I think this is an excellent solution! You can pick them up in Mini, Medium or Large at Shopbop.