AJ Wears :: Stars

Did I see three bloggers wearing this exact same dress at the exact same time in the exact same photo and order it? I did. Guilty. Bloggers are the new age of those girls in high school who always had the best stuff, but better, because those girls always said, "Oh this? I don't know. Some boutique." when you asked them where they got it. Bloggers tell you exactly where they got stuff (even if it's only to make money) so YOU can be the cool kid wherever you live. 

The trick is figuring out if you want something because you actually WANT it, or just because a blogger you like is wearing it. I had had had to have a Rebecca Minkoff Mac, but I waited until the perfect pattern came along (and for a great sale) instead of jumping on it the second I decided I wanted one. As much as I loved the Rag & Bone Harrow Booties, I knew I wouldn't get as much wear out of them as the favorites that I already had. And however unpractical they may be, every time I see someone in any pom poms by Aquazurra I have to talk myself off a ledge.

And where does a dress with stars all over it fall in this? I don't know. But I loved it and here it is.