Like // Love

It's no secret that I like nice things. I do. But I love a good deal, and not every piece I buy has to be designer. In fact, I'm unlikely to ever spend $1000 on a dress (I didn't even spend that on my wedding dress!) or $400 on a pair of pants (unless they make my booty look amazing). So I rounded up a few designer inspired pieces today that make excellent alternatives.

Self Portrait dresses have become a bit of a sensation the past year, mostly due to excellent blogger outreach and their gorgeous photogenic nature. At $500-600 a pop, it's not exactly what I'd consider affordable. If you like Self Portrait but can't stomach the price, you might check out For Love and Lemons instead. With most dresses in the $200 range, it's not exactly a steal, but the dresses are well made and absolutely gorgeous. They also go on sale fairly regularly, so the patient should be able to snag a work of art for under $100.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my Valentino pumps. But I think anyone who would spend $1000 on sandals is either Beyoncé or crazy. Rebecca Minkoff has a pair in a similar shape that's absolutely adorable and comes in several colors - at 1/10th of the price. Rebecca Minkoff also has a number of bags that make for great inspiration for high end designers like Chanel, Balenciaga, and Stella McCartney!

If you can afford Equipment blouses, you should buy them. They're made of the softest, most luxurious silk ever. I have a few in my closet I've gotten on sale, but I'm quite clumsy with my wine and would never buy a white blouse for that much money. If you like Equipment, consider Everlane as a similar but more affordable option. Their silk is pretty darn soft too, for a fraction of the price.

Kate Spade is definitely a more affordable contemporary designer, but her bags still run in the $200+ range, which can be pretty daunting if you like her designs that are cute or quirky. I was thrilled to find that Deux Lux sells similar style bags for under $100 in bright colors and fun shapes.

And if you ever see anything on here you'd like me to find an alternative for, give me a shout! I feel like finding similar items may be my super power. I'm always looking for brands that have similar design aesthetics to major designers, so I'll keep sharing them with you whenever I find them.

BTW, some of these links are sponsored by Shopbop, who pays me in shoes.