What To Pack :: Europe Edition

I'm sitting in the United Club in the Newark Airport right now, still two hours from my flight's departure. So what better way to kill time than to blog about what I packed? 

You know I love a packing challenge, and I pride mysel in creating the perfect suitcase. Winter trips seem to be a bit trickier than summer, mostly because bulky items mean you can't bring as much. I'll be warm, but I'll also be in the same four outfits the whole time.  


I learned a lot from my trip to Japan two years ago over winter. I was so focused on making cute, unique outfits that I packed a bunch of really, really impractical things. You'll see that I kept it pretty basic this time around, with sweaters, light layers, and warm boots. Here's the tally: 

  • 6 Sweater
  • 1 Long Sleeve Tee
  • 2 Layering Blouse
  • 1 Ultra Light Down Vest
  • 2 Jeans
  • 2 Coats
  • 2 Boots
  • 1 Pair of Flats
  • 2 Hats
  • 1 Scarf
  • Glovers
  • Not Pictured: Uniqlo HeatTech Tee

My big mistake in Japan was packing layers that weren't useful. I thought by layering chunky cardigans and ponchos, I'd have more variety in my outfits. Instead, I had a bunch of stuff that didn't fit well under a coat. 

I also made the mistake of packing a skirt, like that was a good idea. It wasn't. If it's going to be in the 40s, you need to wear pants.  Fact. I skipped the skirt this time and packed two pairs of my favorite legging jeans. 

My other rule of packing is wear your bulkiest items on the plane. That means I'm sitting here in giant waterproof Ugg boots and a parka, but I have a lot more room in my suitcase thanks to it.  

We'll see how this wardrobe goes for the next 9 days. I'm off to Dublin and London!