Trunk Club Review :: Pt 2

I've finally pulled the trigger on my second Trunk Club! I contacted my lovely stylist Mariel this month to get some stuff for winter and our upcoming trip to Europe. Girlfriend had my back as usual, and I want almost everything in this box. Here's the dish:

For $25, Trunk Club will send you a box of curated items based on a conversation you have with your stylist. Mariel sends me a digital trunk first, so I can give her feedback on her initial picks. After that, she packs a trunk based on the feedback and ships it your way. If you buy anything from the trunk, that initial $25 goes towards your purchase. If not, no worries, you can ship it back for free and you're only out a little bit. Here's what I got and loved this month:

My trunk was HUGE this month. I got a total of 10 items and they were all beautiful. Here's a breakdown on the costs of each item:

She sent me some of her favorite jeans bc they were on sale, and I had a nice variety of price points for everything.

This super thin sweater from Vince is absolutely beautiful, and super soft. I love the way it fit, but I have a cashmere striped sweater from Equipment that made this one feel a little redundant.

I told Mariel I was looking for a suede leather jacket, and MAN did she deliver! This gorgeous burgundy suede moto from blanknyc is one of the coolest jackets I've tried on. The leather is soft and the color (while so terrible here) is gorgeous. I swear it's burgundy. It also comes in tan, red, and purple.

Mariel also sent this field jacket from Madewell, and while I appreciate what they were going for, it was just a little big for me. It actually looks SUPER cute on the website (and it's on sale!) so I think I'd just need to go down a size or two.

When I first showed this sweater off on Snapchat, I thought it was frumpy and ugly. NOW...I kind of LOVE it! It's super soft - from Madewell - and the color is a lovely neutral. The turtleneck is pretty workable too, so now I'm thinking I need to keep it.

This is another great chunky sweater, it was just a little slouchy for me. I got a great similar sweater sans-neck from Forever 21 this week, so I'm sending this one from blanknyc back.

Mariel also sent me an assortment of jeans, which I appreciate, but I'm just not in the market for jeans right now. I tried a few on, and they're super soft, but I passed on all three.

Finally...SHOOOOOEEESSSSS. I got a pair of black booties from Treasure & Bond, and a pair of Ugg all weather boots in this trunk. The T&B booties are super cute, highly recommend if you're looking for some, but again, I'm black-bootied out so I passed on these.

I did, however, LOVE these boots from Ugg! I wanted to take a rain or winter boot to Europe, and I would never have picked these out for myself. They're fully lined with wool and can be worn laced all the way up like you see here, or folded down (like the previous photo). I love getting trunks because my stylist always includes something I wouldn't have normally tried (and it's usually what I buy!). These come in 5 different colors and are built to withstand temps of -20°!

I'm still sorting through what I want to keep and send back - already worn the Uggs, though, so they're staying. Once again, I think Trunk Club goes above and beyond every other styling service and I can't wait to order another box when spring rolls around!

If you'd like to try Trunk Club for yourself, you can sign up using my referral link here