Winter Weather Essentials

We had the saddest first snow ever. I woke up to a light dusting that had mostly disappeared on Monday; just enough to mess up traffic, but not enough that I got to stay home for the day. I love winter and I LOVE me some snow, so in anticipation of what is *hopefully* right around the corner, I've prepared some of my favorite picks for a snow day.


Because boots are awesome, and winter boots keep you warm and from falling on your face. I spent a good portion of my afternoon perusing different styles in case of snow.


The winter is the only time it's appropriate to wear anything that has a giant poof on the top of it. Take advantage while you can and stock up on cute beanies - Shopbop has some of the most unique I've seen!

Asos // Amazon // Spiritual Gangster


My greatest downfall is cute and themed items. Obviously, things like scarves and cute mittens are all on the list too, but wearing a SNOW sweater in the SNOW? Yeah. Imma do it.