The Mixed Bag :: 9/15

To break up the monotony of outfit photos, I've been promising myself I would mix things up around here and start providing a little reading and shopping material. Will this become a regular series? I hope so. What would you like to see in this space? Tell me in the comments.


1. These Karen Walker Sunglasses have taken over my face. I got them from Ditto, a designer sunglasses rental website, but will likely buy them from Shopbop once I get back from vacation.

2. I finally bit the bullet on some Stuart Weitzman boots! I took my "inspired" pair to Japan and they've just about given up the ghost after that trip. And talk about some staying power - The 5050 boot celebrated it's 21st birthday last year.

3. I have been going back and forth on whether or not I should cancel Birchbox, but they sent me this fantastic eye cream from 100% Pure that redeemed them (yet again). Does it work? I think time will tell, but I'm already swayed by the smell - it's amazing.


1. I can't stop thinking about suede boots, and this pair from Asos has been in my shopping cart at least 10 times over the past two weeks. I'm hoping they're not sold out by next week when I can finally pull the trigger.

2. Can I pull off a suede dress? I love the deep color of this one from BCBGMAXAZRIA but I'm not sure if I'm too petite for leather all over.

3. Once again, Rebecca Minkoff kills it. Her bags are always so fashion forward and I'm really envisioning this suede fringe number in my life now.


1. These Ethiopian tribes are creating beautiful avant-garde fashion from the world around them. The artists use their bodies as canvas, adding powdered volcanic rock and nature's "textiles" to create seriously inventive designs.

2. Forever 21 is growing up (a little, let's be real). The retailer has typically been associated with cheap clothes, terrible fit and younger demographics. They recently announced they'd be coming after us older millenials (seriously, can we have our own generation yet?) with more luxe fabrics, forgiving fits, and sophisticated pieces. I'm eager to see if it changes the 30's mindset of the brand, although offering real suede skirts for $33 still highlights a glaring issue in their manufacturing.

3. Fashion Week Prep: New Yorkers are flocking to get pierced before fashion week. Yes, it's just like a pedicure. On that note, I'm thinking of adding a few holes to my ears soon, even though I passed out both times I got my ears pierced previously. Good decisions!


1. Have you seen the new Snapchat update? You can now barf rainbows. You're welcome (and I'm ajs.snaps if you want someone to unfollow after two days of my nonsense). And if you need someone to follow beyond Kylie, VF has a few great suggestions.

2. Two weeks ago, Socality Barbie had 7,000 followers. Now she has over 1 million, because let's face it, Hipster Barbie is better at Instagram than you. If you love her, you should also check out omgliterallydead. That thigh gap, tho!

3. If you haven't discovered the genius that is "Hope That Helps" on Facebook, say goodbye to the rest of your afternoon (especially if you work in customer service or social media management!). Basically, they make fake accounts that LOOK like they're legit and then answer outrageous complaints on Facebook pages. They say so many things I wish I could to angry customers. It's my therapy.