Packing Inspiration :: Vegas Edition

We are less than a month out from a trip to Vegas, people. My husband and I will be headed to Las Vegas for a long weekend to celebrate a birthday with my friends, which means one thing: SEQUINS. HIGH HEELS. CHAMPAGNE. Birthday celebrations tend to be a bit glitzier than a normal Vegas trip, so I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to pack.

The fun thing about Vegas is it goes beyond the Little Black Dress; I like to call my Vegas dresses "LFD"s: Little FAB dress. I plan on taking at least one versatile LBD that can be dressed up or down, but this is a great opportunity to try out sequins, feathers, and all things fun. There's a fine line between Vegas in your 20's and 30's, though. I'm looking for something a bit classier than the crazy bodycon and over-the-top sequin dresses I used to wear in my early 20's.

Source: Elle // Glam Radar // Fab You Bliss

However, the problem with dresses is that you often get to wear them only once. I've played around with the idea of using Rent the Runway to beef up my night-out wardrobe (you can rent and return from The Cosmopolitan!), but packing a few great staples like leather leggings or a crop top could beef up my daytime AND nighttime outfits.

Source: Lovely Pepa // Ashley Graham // Pinterest (I tried to find the real source. I failed.)

And for the day, you'll likely find me in one of my many fabulous swimsuits or something nice and cool. I've been loving my new Nike Free sneakers and will likely pack them as the first pair of super comfortable shoes I've ever packed for any trip ever. Here's a little day inspo for my suitcase:

Source: Beautéphilla // Vogue // Collage Vintage

Anyone else start obsessively looking for inspiration before a trip? I'll be making Polyvore boards soon to work out what I'm bringing and how they all go together. I'm a packing freak. What can I say? It's nice to have something to look forward to.

What's your go-to Vegas garb?