Fall Wishlist + Inspo

It's too early to start thinking about fall. We all know it. But the other thing we know? Fall clothes are starting to come out and it's never too early to shop for fall. That's the problem, of course. Once you decide you're ready for cashmere and wool and cute hats, they're all sold out of your size and you're wishing you'd bought early and stored until you were ready (I tell my husband this every year).

Who cares if it'll be a while before I can wear scarves and boots? I've already started on my fall wishlist anyway. 

One: Sneakers. I have FULLY subscribed to the sneaker trend. Is it because I'm an old woman? Possibly. The cool factor that sneaker offer along with comfort is too good to pass up right now. I already picked up these black and white stunners from Nike, but here are a couple of B&W sneakers I would absolutely wear.

Michael Kors Sneakers // Vince Sneakers // inspo

Two: What is it about moto-style leggings that have me so enamored? I've been looking for a pair with that special stitching (bumpy lines? details??) since last fall. I don't care if they're olive, red, black, grey...faux leather, coated denim, or leggings. I just want some bumps on my knees, people.

Moto Leggings // inspo

Three: FRINGE. When Gucci released their fringe suede bags, I fell in a deep kind of love. For something so trendy, it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend a couple of $$k, so I'm looking for some alternatives.

What's on your fall wishlist?

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