My Office Uniform :: Black & White

I'm no stranger to the uniform concept; I explored this idea a year or two ago and concluded it wasn't for me. Then came a new development: I started working in an office. We all know the struggles of managing to look put together every day, and from that the uniform concept was reborn.


I won't lie, I was heavily influenced by Matilda Kahl's article about wearing the same thing every day. I started my own experiment and started wearing black on bottom, white on top every day to work. The most magnificent thing happened - getting ready for work became easier. Rather than pulling myself out of bed every day, sitting in my closet for 20 minutes staring, and showing up to work looking like I actually slept in my clothes, I started to feel pulled together. It influenced my work, too. The better I felt about how I looked outside, the more confident I was about everything. Weird how that works, right?

So what are my key pieces for making my 9-5 uniform work for me? Let's explore.

White on Top.

For someone as clumsy as I am, white on top is not the ideal choice; however, it's a really easy color to find lots of variation with a white blouse! I have multiple white blouses, but they all have really different details. Some are long, some are boxy, some tie up at the waist or have sheer panels. I even throw a pattern in when I feel like it. The variety makes it feel like I'm not wearing the same thing every day...even if I am. I've been looking for a soft wrap blouse like the one here from Ella Moss.


Black on Bottom.

Pencil skirts, pants, leggings...I'm not picky. While some adopt the more traditional edition of a uniform [ankle pants + button up], I decided to simplify the process by wearing whatever I wanted on bottom. Some days, it's really warm and I feel like a flowy black skirt; other days I want more polish and go with a pair of high waist trousers. I tend to stick with black pants (pictured: Vince) about 99% of of the time, though.

Perfect Pumps.

A great pair of pumps is essential for the 9-5'er, and every woman has her favorite pair. I love my Manolo BB's, but I have heard a lot of great things about Diane von Furstenberg shoes for comfort (the pair pictured is the DVF Bonnie pump), so I'm planning on picking up a pair of those soon. Since my uniform is classic black and white, I love adding some flare with a little color with my accessories.

A Boss Bag.

I've tested a lot of purses on my way to find the perfect work bag or tote. It has to be able to carry a 13" Macbook, occasionally a DSLR, and all of the other stuff I accumulate throughout the day like makeup, Diet DP, three pairs of sunglasses, etc. I'm really intrigued by this Rebecca Minkoff satchel right now; it looks like the perfect size and has a shoulder strap for when I've got a heavier haul.


Desk Flats.

And if we're being real, I don't always wear heels. A girl's gotta have a killer pair of flats for work as well, and these from Ferragamo have been on my wishlist for months now. When I'm shopping for flats, I look for pairs with unique details (like these bows), a bright color, or super pointy toes. The details are what dress the flats up enough so that you don't feel frumpy.

Anyone else trying their hand at the office uniform? On the weekend, it's a free-for-all, but you'll find me in black in white most days of the week right now.

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