AJ Wears :: Culottes

Remember a few months ago when I said no one should ever wear culottes, ever? Well, I lied. Like many trends, I resisted at first, and then became a somewhat early adopter, and now I have no regrets. HOWEVER, I have a few rules. Tops must be cropped or tucked in. Culottes must never be worn in wide leg denim (they look like you shrunk your JNCOs, come on). And when in doubt, choose a classic color like black or white. 

Honestly, I rocked the heck out of culottes back in the day. I had a brown tweed pair from Guess and two plaid pairs from Walmart and I probably thought I looked way better than I did. That was at least ten years ago...I love how everything cycles back again, don't you? 

Except JNCOs. That's a hard no from me.


Culottes, ASOS (exact).
Top, Forever 21 (similar from XXI. Mine is cropped too...lol #shortgirlprobs).
Necklace, Vintage via Fringe (similar-ish).
Heels, JustFab (similar for $ // similar that I'd love to replace these with for $$$).
Bag, Alexander Wang (similar from JustFab).