AJ Wears :: A Slouchy White Blouse

I'm a stalker. I mean, yeah, I'm sitting outside of your house with binoculars right now, but in this blog I mean a SHOPPING stalker. I often fill up my cart when I'm online shopping, close the browser, and then spend the rest of the day fretting about whether or not I should pull the trigger. I had one of those moments last night - I loaded up a cart at Last Call, left work, and by the time I got home the shirt I really wanted had sold out. I didn't care enough about the rest of the cart to go through with it after that, so I saved myself some $$$.

I tell you all of that to say - I shop stalked this shirt and panicked when the small sold out and the medium was in low quantities, and I'm glad I didn't abandon the basket this time. It took about 5-7 days before I was ready to commit, but I've worn it at least four times since it arrived. It looks more flattering in person, I promise. You can come outside and see for yourself.

Top, ASOS (exact but s/o. save it though, things often come back // similar with embellishments).
Pants, The Limited (this year's version).
Heels, Marne by JustFab.
Bag, Coach (several colors on Amazon).
Ring, c/o RocksBox subscription (get a month free with code AJXOXO!).