AJ Wears :: A Striped Skirt

These are my confessions.

I wore this entire outfit on Easter Sunday, and then I wore it again the Monday after because there would be no overlap of seeing the same people.
Sometimes, I'll go to the fridge to refill my water and I'll grab a piece of cheese and eat it. Not slice it off the block, I'll just take a bite right out of the block like a heathen.
I haven't washed my hair in...well, actually, I can't remember. Clean hair is for suckers.
Most mornings I actually pull myself together in 15 minutes, because I like to stay in bed until the LAST. POSSIBLE. SECOND. 8:45 am? Challenge accepted!
This outfit is wrinkled because I sat at a desk all day. The tassel on my purse is wonky because I was in a hurry to meet my friends for happy hour and didn't really review my photos. I also took zero photos looking at the camera. Why? MYSTERY. Nah, I probably just wanted to show off that I finally have enough hair to make a halfway decent bun.

My final confession? I fell asleep during Monday night's basketball game. The only thing I remember is the Little Caesar's commercial that came on after. Bite bite! Sip sip! You know the one.

Skirt (today's top ten piece): Kate Spade Saturday (similar from The Real Real, cute stripe option from Romwe, another one from ChicNova).
Shirt, Forever 21 (exact - awesome deal!).
Sweater, The Limited (similar from BooHoo).
Flats, Mango (similar from XXI).
Bag, Gucci (similar for less).
Glasses, Prada (similar for less).