AJ Wears :: A floral print tee

Something happens when we hit spring weather - people start wanting to DO THINGS. Don't get me wrong, my favorite sport is anything that involves a patio and a glass of wine, but I have seriously enjoyed NOT doing things this weekend. I got it all out of the way on Friday, and then I had a full Saturday and Sunday to do nothing but catch up on my DVR (Scandal and Empire, le duh) and play video games (Pokemon X, because I'm 10 years old). I did manage to get out of the house a few times (because food) and I wore clothes when I did; Kids, THAT is how a style blog is made. This behind the scenes peek at the glamorous world of fashion blogging is brought to you by pizza quesadillas and too many episodes of The Simpsons this afternoon.

Tee, Rebecca Taylor (exact, on sale).
Jacket, Gap (similar from Kohl's).
Jeans, JustFab (similar from Topshop).
Flats, Target (cute from Express).
Bag, Coach via Poshmark (exact from Amazon).