AJ Wears :: A Pink Coat

Quick poll: How do we feel about buying stuff you saw on a blog? Some people HATE HATE HATE it, because they don't want to look like everyone else. Some people feel like a blogger helped them find something they wouldn't have found otherwise (I usually fall in this camp). I often struggle with it: do I like Rockstuds because they're awesome, or because I've seen so many people wearing them that I've become accustomed to the "blogger way"?

The end of this story is, so many bloggers have been wearing pink coats lately. I fell in love with pale pink and spent hours browsing blush coats to find the perfect one. Then Julia posted this coat on Instagram and I fell head over heels (Bachelor style). Do I want to look like everyone else? Of course not. But does anyone in Arkansas have this gorgeous coat? NOPE. So thanks, Gal. You helped weed out all of the awful coats out on ASOS and give me the one I really wanted.

These pictures make that purse look like such a weird color. In real life, it's a lovely metallic blush and I swear it matched the coat better. Thanks, Nikon.

Coat, ASOS (exact - a few sizes still available on sale).
Sweater, Halogen (exact, but no grey. yay cashmere. Similar from Bluefly).
Pants, The Limited (similar).
Heels, Manolo Blahnik (exact).
Purse, Gucci (exact in black).
Gloves, Kate Spade (alternate leather gloves from Shopbop).
Glasses, Prada (exact).