16 Trends That AREN'T For Short Girls, Apparently.

In general, I love a good list. "12 trends you need to try right now!" or "15 bags for the working girl" are the sorts of blog posts that get me going, especially if they're done well. But every now and again, someone gets it totally, completely, 1000% wrong.

Being short has it's challenges, sure. All of us on the petite side of the spectrum are well aware of the fact that we'll always have to get our pants hemmed, and some trends just won't work well on us (I'm looking at you, culottes). So when I read WWW's article today on "16 Trends Short Girls Should Avoid," I was more than a little annoyed. Not only was I a repeat offender on many of them, it just seemed a little short-sighted (lolgetit) to suggest we should avoid the trends completely. Which is why I present to you: 16 Trends Short Girls can totally wear and make their own.

Any other shorties out there wearing whatever they please?