Shopbop Wishlist :: Back to Basics

Last year, I wrote one of my most popular posts ever: The Five Piece French Wardrobe. It was based on a concept I read where you build a closet of basics (the best you can afford to buy) and then just splurge on five "fun" pieces each season. It's half minimalist, half fashionista. I spent most of last year building my basics closet, and I've filled out the list really nicely! There are still a few checks left to complete though, so I've added a few things to my Shopbop wishlist to watch. I've purchased a few of my basics wardrobe from Shopbop already, like my classic leather bag and a gorgeous LBD, so I think they're a great resource to shop when you're trying to stock up on classic pieces.

Claire Vivier Clutch | Kenneth Jay Lane Studs

This post is a collaboration with Shopbop, but I added each of these things to my wishlist myself. I'm very good at shopping, so I can definitely be trusted.