Sometimes I Shop :: Thanksgiving

I'm sure most people don't spend as much time thinking about what to wear for Thanksgiving as I do. I've written about it in the past - every year I try to find the perfect combination between dressed well enough to make my family think I've got my life together, but comfy enough that I can nap anywhere I might be sitting after the meal. I decided to round up a few of my favorite ideas for this year from Shopbop, since I'm still not quite sure which way I'll go.


The Dressy Dinner

Maybe it's a southern thing, but we stay pretty casual for Thanksgiving down here. I was always envious of the formal holiday dinners I saw on Gossip Girl. I do try to dress nicely though, so a dress like this one from Cynthia Rowley is a great compromise.  It's got cuffs and a collar that will satisfy even the most conservative of family members, but the playful floral print is still cute enough that you don't feel like a total frump. I'd pair this with black tights and some classic oxford pumps.



A More Casual Turkey Day

For a more relaxed look on Thanksgiving, I like to choose baggy things. No, it's not room for food. It's just fun to start rumors with your family that you're pregnant (I'm not). This poncho is actually a perfect travel buddy for this weekend, because it can double as a scarf. That means you can turkey it up in a cute buffalo plaid poncho on Thursday, then keep your neck warm Friday morning while you're waiting in line for cheap crockpots and doorbuster deals. Shop more ponchos here.



All-Weather Booties

If you're planning on doing the Black Friday thing, you're gonna want some comfortable, no-fuss boots. I recommend booties if you're planning on trying on shoes or clothes, since they slip on and off easily. If you're in Little Rock this weekend, you're probably going to want something along the lines of these booties from Sam Edelman though. Our forecast is looking rainy Friday and Saturday, so something rubbery would be easier for facing the elements.

Also, can we talk about how much I love a Chelsea-style rainboot? These things are so adorable. Most people won't even know you're wearing rain gear.

Something to Stuff Everything In

If you haven't upgraded your weekend warrior gear lately, Thanksgiving is a great time to introduce a new weekender bag. I recently picked up a small leather duffel bag for overnight trips in a similar color to this one, and I really love having something simple and chic to tote for the weekend. Although...I have had my eye on a Tumi Rolling Carry-on for a while now and have been considering pulling the plug. If we were flying for Thanksgiving, it would be an easy buy, but we're just driving to OKC for the weekend so a smaller bag will be plenty for me.

So what will you be packing this Thanksgiving weekend? Here's to good food, family, and hopefully...a cute dress.

PS - This post is sponsored by Shopbop. They give me store credit to suggest some great items to you, but I've used them for years before we partnered and really do love the store. In fact - if you've got an Amazon Prime account, you can use Amazon's super fast shipping with Shopbop and have this stuff here before you leave on Thursday!