What To Shop :: Shopbop Friends & Family

It's the moooooosssssttt wonderful tiiimmmmmmeeeee of the yeeeeeeeearrrrrr!

No, not Christmas. It's time for the annual Friends & Family sale from Shopbop, which means it's the best time of year to pull the trigger on some solid items for fall at 25% off. I've got a few recommendations on what to shop for this fall based on what I'm buying, and what I've already fallen in love with.

Mini Bags

Rebecca Minkoff just released the most adorable tiny bags! The mini and micro bag trend seems to be sticking around, and there's no greater time than fall to embrace a tiny but functional bag. Chili cook-offs, fall festivals, football games...the amount of times you'll want to be hands-free this season are countless! Save one hand for your PSL (or Oktoberfest) with a mini bag in a bright color.

Wedge Booties

I picked up a pair of wedge booties from a recent sale and have worn the heck out of them since they arrived! I love this pair from Splendid. I love the wedge bootie because it's a way to add height (and therefore polish) to an outfit while still staying comfortable. Black or taupe are a great way to go for boots you'll wear for years to come. Bonus: If it's still in the 80's/90's in your area like it is in Arkansas, they're adorable with skirts!


Suede Everything

It's no secret that suede is big this season. I'm in love with suede skirts, dresses, and jackets right now. You can pick up some really pretty faux suede pieces from Shopbop during their sale that will mix into your fall wardrobe easily. Go for tan or burgundy, which will mix well with black, white and grey.

Denim Stock Up

At 25% off, it's a great time to stock up on denim. I wear a lot of Hudson Denim, so it's a great deal to grab some of my favorite cuts at a discount.

Right now I'm into the Hudson Barbara cut, because they're high-waisted and super comfortable. If you've been thinking about trying out wide-leg or flared denim, they've got a few options you will probably love!

What are you shopping from this year's sale?? Let me know so we can all dress alike forever.

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