Recap :: My Trip to Tokyo

Spending two weeks in Japan was an amazing experience, made even more so by the fact that I got to spend it with my husband and family. I used an app called Storehouse to document our travels day by day. I'd work on them on my phone on the train or at the end of the day and post the link to Facebook and Twitter so people could see our adventures, but I wasn't just blowing up all of my social channels with constant photos and updates. Rather than do a day by day recap on the blog, I decided to just link each of the daily stories here for anyone who wants to see some of the highlights from our trip! The photos link to each story, and I also included a small description at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Day 1: The Travel. We drove from Little Rock to Houston, flew from Houston to Beijing, and then hopped over from Beijing to Tokyo. It was a really long 30+ hours of traveling, but we saved about 50% on the tickets by doing it this way (worth it!).

Day 2: First Day in Tokyo. We landed in Tokyo around 1 p.m. their time, and thanks to some medically assisted sleep on the plane we were ready to beat jet lag. The goal was to stay up until a decent bedtime, and the city provided the energy we needed. That...and the curry. YUM.

Day 3: Kimonos. After a morning stop to see the famous Shibuya crossing (SO many people), we rented kimonos and made our way to a famous shrine.

Day 4: Conveyor Belt Sushi. It's time to say goodbye to Tokyo for a few days (after a park stroll and an epic toy store) and head to Mito, where my sister lives. We have our first experience with conveyor belt sushi, which is THE BEST.

Day 5: Karaoke. We explored Mito today, including a huge city park, the Art Tower, and a very crazy arcade. It's New Years Eve, so we ended the day with karaoke (because duh).

Day 6: Samurai School. We started our day with a trip to see a samurai school in Mito, then battled the machines with a vending machine restaurant and a pachinko parlor.

Day 7: Hitachi Seaside Park. From LA to Tokyo - we've now seen the Pacific from both sides. This day also has a ferris wheel, so that's how you know it's awesome.

Day 8: Harajuku. After experiencing the bustling streets of Harajuku, we found serenity in a shrine at sundown.

Day 9: Marunouchi. We went shopping in the fantastic Ginza district, explored the grounds of The Imperial Palace, and then watched the bullet trains leave Tokyo station from a rooftop garden.

Day 10: Tsukiji Fish Market. THE freshest fish I've ever had. Ever. It was swimming the last time we saw it. We finished the day up with beer at the Craft Beer Market and some greasy pizza (because why not).

Day 11: Robots. It's basically the future. From Asimo the adorable museum robot to the craziest robot show you'll ever see anywhere, I welcome our machine overlords.

Day 12: Disney. It's the happiest place on earth, and THEN some. Disney Sea is awesome in that you can carry around a stuffed bear as an adult.

Day 13: Yokohama. Our last day, we explored the gorgeous city of Yokohama. Everything about it was cool! Waygu beef, elephant ice cream, and magic tea.