A Day in the Life of a (Part-Time) Style Blogger

I'd love the luxury of sitting at home trying on pretty clothes all day, having a photographer follow me around, and taking photos of all of my quinoa bowls. The reality is, I'm often scarfing down Subway while I sit in a radio studio to record my daily show during my lunch break from my 9-5 advertising gig. One hand is checking my emails on my phone, the other one is applying a fresh coat of lipgloss. It's a glamorous life, I tell you. But I'm a have your cake and eat it too kind of girl, so I secretly don't mind the hustle and bustle.

Because I'm always on the go, I've really been enjoying my Intel Tablet from Acer for blogging. I thought I might show you guys what all I use it for in a typical day.

I wake up most mornings with a to-do list longer than I am tall, so on those days I need a little extra help! I usually spend the first few minutes when I wake up browsing for ideas or looking at some of my old outfits for inspiration. It speeds up my closet time significantly!

When I'm feeling brave, I try and copy some eye makeup from a YouTube guru. The easiest way is to just watch on my tablet and try to emulate. I like to search for the exact shadow palettes I have - it makes it easier to follow along! This is the SmashBox Full Exposure palette, btw, and it's awesome.

Crap, I'm late. Again. I throw my tablet into whatever purse I'm carrying for the day (because it fits in ALL of them!) and run out the door, caffeine in hand.

After going through my morning work emails, I have a quick break to see how my blog post performed the day before. Google Analytics has a handy app for that very purpose, so I put together some reports and get an idea of what's working for my blog.

I decided to go out with friends instead of editing photos last night, so I have to do it between meetings. Ugh, there are a lot. Why did I make a weird face in half of them? I settle on 2-3 decent ones and pretend the rest don't exist. I upload my favorites to Dropbox and use the Adobe Photoshop app to adjust the exposure, color temp, and size. Then back to Dropbox it goes, so I can access it from my phone, tablet or any computer.

Before I head out to lunch, I insert my the photos into my content manager (I use SquareSpace) and try to think of something clever to say. I got nothing, so I talk about what I ate and the weather instead. Where's my Pulitzer?

Time to run through Sonic and grab a Diet DP. Oooh, I bet my Instagram followers are wondering what shoes I'm wearing today (not). I snap a quick selfie shot of my shoes (do we like #selfeet or #shoefie? It doesn't matter, I love them both).

Mid-afternoon, I've turned in my projects for the day and wander upstairs to the office kitchen to get a snack. Now's as good a time as any to post my blog link for the day to social media, so I lounge for a minute and post my links through the Facebook & Twitter apps. Oooh, 2 Retweets. I deserve another snack.

It's my friend Amy's birthday and we're all meeting up for dinner, but I'm early and don't want to go home and come back. So I grab a seat at the bar and read through some blogs on the Feedly app with a marg and some chips. I probably look like a nerd, but don't care. This is my favorite part of my day so far.

In bed by 10pm? This is an ambitious thought. Turns out, we're headed to Fayetteville for the weekend and I need a cute red dress for tailgating. I hop on the Asos app to see what I can find, and then use the Polyvore app to put together a plan for what goes in my weekender. At some point, the melatonin I took kicks in and I allow myself to fall asleep dreaming up new outfit ideas.

Truth is, this little Acer tablet has been with me everywhere since I got it! I know I keep talking about how convenient the size is, but it makes it so easy to do everything I need on the go, especially when I'm juggling a full day in addition to trying to blog. The bright, gorgeous screen for looking through blog pics and the quick processor are just a bonus. What are some of your blogging on-the-go secrets?

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.