AJ Wears :: A Mustard Skirt

Do you ever put on something, think it's okay, and then spend the entire day wishing you'd just worn pajama pants? That was today. Nothing's wrong with the outfit, but the SKIRT turned out to be just *this* much too small, making it very uncomfortable for a day sitting at a desk. It fit last year, so I guess it's time to cut back on the cheese fries.

....next week. Or next month. Whatever, maybe I'll just buy a new skirt.

Another 9th&Elm goody! I love a good state necklace, and this one has a little extra heart - the drop says "Natural State of Mind," which is really cute. I'm really enjoying their handmade jewelry to mix it up from my usual giant statement necklace.

Finally, I'd like to thank Ariana Grande for bringing back the Kimmy Gibbler hair. I have been rocking it without shame this week!

Blazer, Joie (exact on sale at Off 5th).
Tee, The Limited (similar).
Skirt, The Limited (similar, but longer).
Necklace, c/o 9th&Elm.
Bag, Alexander Wang.
Heels, JustFab (similar).