AJ Wears :: Some Stripes

The most exciting thing about today's outfit is that I could take off my shirt and turn it inside out and have an exactly the same but slightly different outfit. That's right, folks - the shirt is REVERSIBLE. The other side is still striped, but they're smaller, so it's pretty much like a completely different shirt. It'll be a nice piece to have when I travel, although I wish they'd gone slightly more bold and tried a floral or something on the other side. Either way, it'll be a fun party trick to go and reverse my shirt in the bathroom when I'm out and see if anyone notices.

Side note - I used to have a reversible dress that was stripes on one side, and floral on the other. I would go to the bathroom and reverse it and people would be like WHOA DID YOU CHANGE??? It never got old.


Top, Kate Spade Saturday (exact - it was a little shorter than I expected, so possibly size up).
Jeans, Forever 21 (similar).
Bag, Barbara Bui (similar).
Sneakers, Topshop (exact).
Necklace, BaubleBar (exact).