HI DUDES. Since my mom can't seem to keep up with blogging any more, I've decided to take over her blog now. Her outfits were boring anyway...if anyone in this family deserves a blog devoted to what they're wearing, it's this pug. I mean, look at me in this sweater.

S'CUTE, RITE??? I'm a girl who knows how to wear houndstooth. I've also been known to dress for holidays. Halloween? NAILED IT. Tacky Christmas sweater?? EXPERT LEVEL.

Look, here I am picking out my clothes for the day. I like hiding in skirts.

And don't worry, you'll still get plenty of shoes in this take over. I LOVE SHOES. Mostly, I prefer to chew them up.

So, I hope y'all enjoy the new blog. I changed AJ's password she can't get back in. MUAHAHA. Pugs rule!

Sweatshirt, American Apparel (exact).

And you can follow my antics on Tumblr after April Fools is over.