February Buys

This year, I'm buying according to a list of needs and wants instead of a monetary budget. Read all about it here.

WELP, with February out the door, it's time to do a recap on what I added to my closet this month. You'd think for a short month, I'd be less prone to buying. Au contraire, mes amis! February was a great month of sales and unfortunately, a lot of splurging went on. So, let's start with the basics (ie, most expensive) expenses of the month.


My big find this month was a great pair of jeans. I've never had any designer denim, so I made it a point to try it and see what the big deal is. I'll be darned if these aren't the most delicious, softest jeans I own. Stamp of AJ approval - totally worth the hype (even though I hyperventilated a little when I checked out). Hudson, $189 + $20 off = $169.

My "Sure...those can count as basics..." pieces were this ASOS Baseball tee ($17) and this ZOA blouse ($22 on clearance). I'm going to consider neutral pieces I would wear year round basics at this point. And I had an every day ring on my "list", so this Jacquie Aiche "B" ring is going to count toward that total ($50). I actually added it to my cart during the Shopbop sale to get my total up to the 30% tier so I could get an additional $50 off this bag...Alexander Wang and a bit of a splurge, although a crazy good deal. I had a really good month freelance-wise, and I like to celebrate booking big jobs with a bag. Black leather bag was on the list too - so it's marked off and on to "The Five".


Since seasons are really season-y around here and a jacket I buy for spring may never see the light of day in a 100* summer, I'm buying five pieces for EACH season rather than just spring/summer and fall/winter. That doesn't mean I have to buy five items, just that I'm striving to stay within five. I've already blown through several thanks to an ASOS sale ($50 off $200!).

I've been wanting a full midi skirt for a bit now (I blame Blair) and after trying to make my own and then never bothering to hem it, I ordered this gorgeous red one from ASOS ($65). The moto jacket from Anthropologie ($158) was a purchase I thought about for over a week, which is a good long time from my normal snatch-and-buy tendencies. I wore this in an upcoming photo shoot for The Promenade and fell in love. Anthro pricing is normally out of my comfort zone, but that's what this experiment is all about - buying things that are a little pricier and well made that really sizzle.

For summer, this MM Couture top caught my eye when I was jean shopping at Indigo ($35) and could almost be considered a basic. And this grid dress and animal print romper from ASOS ($30ish a piece) will be perfect for warmer days.


So what's in March's shopping cart? Nothing, hopefully. While Lent is traditionally not something practiced by my particular religion, I've often observed the act of giving up something for Lent as a disciplinary practice. This year, I'll be giving up shopping for 40 days and 40 nights.

This decision was fueled by several factors - no doubt, February was an expensive month being one of them (I'm not even going to add up those totals for you guys...you get the idea). My husband bet me I couldn't make it (with a desirable prize at stake) which fuels the fire a little more...and most of all, I realize there might be better things to spend my time on rather than mindlessly browsing websites and shops for my next big prey. If I'm not shopping at all - including even window shopping online - I could probably read a few books. Learn something new. Do more yoga. Play with my dog. WHO KNOWS.

So, there won't be an update in March unless I blow it big time. There's a family trip to Dallas at the end of the month that could trip me up for sure, but I'm really going to try. I swear. I've never actually given up shopping before, even for something like "30 for 30" that suggested it! I might be an addict, so it's time to do a little detox.

I also plan on taking this opportunity to do another closet overhaul and get rid of another big chunk of junk. Hopefully, it'll be a big one and I'll have another closet inventory for you soon.

Okay...you made it to the end. It's crazy, because I haven't been budget posting lately because I'm really not keeping to a budget any more, but having to admit outright what you bought in a month really opens your eyes to your spending habits. My downfalls are still sales and clearance (can't resist) and adding things to my cart online to get bigger discounts (happened at both ASOS and Shopbop this month!). Oi vey.